The PlayStation Store update is packed with pre-orders available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita–and many of them are offered at a huge discount! Experience the 1960s spy culture in CounterSpy (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita), travel through a colorful world in Hohokum (PS4, PS3) and much more. See the full PlayStation Store update below.

Borrowing elements from the 1950s and 1960s Cold War and spy culture themes, CounterSpy is a side-scroller that will definitely keep you on your toes. You’ll join a rogue spy agency, assisting them in their efforts to keep the world’s superpowers at bay, all while maintaining world peace. Plus, you’ll receive a 20-percent discount up until the launch date if you’re a PlayStation Plus member.


If you own Sound Shapes, get full access to the Hohokum Sound and Art Pack when you pre-order Hohokum (PS4, PS3). Travel to a colorful world and uncover the surprises of new characters and exciting environments in this delightful playground. Get ready to wander and get lost as you roam at your own pace.


PlayStation Plus members get a 20-percent discount on Rogue Legacy (PS4, PS3) if they order before it launches. While roaming through this procedurally generated castle you’ll discover that each run is different. You’ll die–a lot–but your children will avenge you and with each passing, your lineage grows and becomes stronger.


The Swapper (PS4, PS3) is an award-winning puzzle game that takes place in an isolated sci-fi world set in the furthest reaches of space. An experimental device allows you to clone yourself, which will aid you in your quest to overcome the challenges of this new environment.


Also available on the PlayStation Store are Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (PS4), Tour De France – Season 2014 (PS4) and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars (PS3).

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland (PS3) focuses on the adventures of Rorolina Frixell, the star character of the Arland trilogy, who is assigned to complete a series of alchemy tasks over a three year period in order to avoid banishment and to keep her alchemy workshop afloat.


See the full list on the PlayStation store here.

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Laggies: Keira Knightly plays a woman having issues with moving into adulthood who befriends – and moves in with – a high schooler played by Chloe Grace Moretz.

The characters in these movies just refuse to grow up: Failure to Launch, Jeff Who Lives At Home

The One I Love: Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss play a struggling couple who embark on some form of relationship therapy that looks like it might get a little weird.

Get some couples counseling with these movies: Couples Retreat, Date Night

Annabelle: A prequel to The Conjuring, this movie is about what the creepy doll from that movie was up to before those events.

Get some scares tonight by watching The Conjuring.

The Imitation Game: Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, the man who leads the effort to break the Nazi codes during World War II.

Break the code with these great movies: Sneakers, The Da Vinci Code

Predestination: Ethan Hawke plays a time-traveling cop who recruits a new agent whose powers may prove key to solving a massive mystery.

Time jump to solve crimes in these movies: Timecop, Source Code

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With six highly acclaimed albums under their belt, and a new album, The Black Market’, now available, Rise Against are again ready to take on the world. Lead guitarist and backup vocalist Zach Blair has shared with us the songs he digs most when it gets quiet.

Listen Now: Rise Against -  Exclusive Artist Picks

Bjork, “Army of Me”
Stereolab, “Parsec”
John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, “You Know, You Know”
Miles Davis, “So What”
Brian Eno, “Needles In the Camel’s Eye”
Steely Dan, “Deacon Blues”
Daft Punk, “Derezzed”
Neil Young, “Heart of Gold”
Rufus Wainwright, “April Fools”
Radiohead, “Idioteque”
Tony Williams, “Vashkar”
Todd Rundgren, “I Saw the Light”
Nick Drake, “Way to Blue”
Stereolab, “Three-Dee Melodie”
The Weakerthans, “Watermark”
Wilco, “Either Way”
Elbow, “Neat Little Rows”
Thom Yorke, “The Eraser”
Beck, “Lost Cause”
If By Yes, “You Feel Right”

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The PlayStation Store PLAY Sale is on now, featuring a lineup of PlayStation games, special offers and exclusives. Don’t miss out on discounts on titles for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, with special offers on PLAY Games purchased from July 22 through August 26:

  • Buy any 2 games and get $3.
  • Buy any 3 games and get $6.
  • Buy all 4 games and get $10.

Get more details at PlayStation.Blog.


* Terms & Conditions:

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Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • 5 Seconds of Summer, the scrappy Australian boy band that got its start on YouTube, convincingly rocks out on its new self-titled release.
  • Nobody’s Smiling, the tenth studio album from rapper Common reflects on the grim reality of crime and violence in his hometown of Chicago.
  • Former tween heartthrob Jesse McCartney is back with his retro leaning fifth album, In Technicolor.

5 Seconds Of Summer / 5 Seconds Of Summer (Deluxe)
Common / Nobody’s Smiling (Deluxe)
Jesse McCartney / In Technicolor
The Black Angels / Clear Lake Forest
R5 / Heart Made Up On You
Various Artists / Hyperdub 10.2
Jason Aldean / Burnin’ It Down
Tame Impala / Live Versions
DJ Dodger Stadium / Friend Of Mine
Glass Animals / Pools EP
Ab-Soul / These Days…
Big Deal / June Gloom (Deluxe Edition)
Rx Bandits / Gemini, Her Majesty

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Explore a dystopian action-adventure in Divergent, see a sassy sleuth back in action in Veronica Mars and much more. See our full New Release Recap below.

Divergent: There seem to be a lot of dystopian action-adventure films as of late—from adaptations of young adult literature in the Hunger Games to the visually stunning film Oblivion, this genre never ceases to amaze, shock and entertain us.


Based on the worldwide bestselling novel, Divergent is set in a dystopia where people are divided into different factions based on their human virtues. Protagonist Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) discovers that she is Divergent and will never fit into any group. It’s now up to Tris and other Divergents to find out what makes them so dangerous before a government conspiracy wipes them all out.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (Super-Sized R-Rated Version): Back in 2004 (can you believe it’s been that long?) Ron Burgundy charmed us with his wit, amazing hair and anchorman talent. Now Ron Burgundy is back with a Super-Sized Version, packed with 763 new jokes.


After losing both his job and his wife, Ron puts together an all-new team to create the world’s first 24-hour news network. Does this team have what it takes to take on this new challenge—all while staying classy?

The Suspect: Dong-chul (Gong Yoo) is a North Korean intelligence agent abandoned by his country and faced with a series of challenges after his family is murdered and he is forced to be on the run.

Torn between grief for his loss and his desire for vengeance, Dong-chul takes a job as a driver for a powerful CEO. On the hunt for the truth, he will stop at nothing—including starting a war—in order to get what he wants.

Black Sails | Season 1: This action-adventures series is a prequel to a well-known story: Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. Set 20 years before the events of this literary classic, the familiar swashbuckling and brutal pirates are barreling across the early 18th-century Caribbean.


The feared Captain Flint brings aboard a younger crewmember, John Silver, as they battle for the survival of New Providence Island.

Veronica Mars: A critically TV show made its way to the big screen and now  it’s our 99-cent rental of the week! That’s right, it’s the theatrical adventures of our favorite small-town sleuth, Veronica Mars.

After finishing graduate school, Veronica Mars has put her private investigator career on hold. While interviewing for law firm jobs, she receives a call from her ex-boyfriend, desperately in need of her sleuthing skills. Veronica finds herself drawn back to her past that she had tried to put behind her.

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From the goofy Caped Crusader in the classic television show to the troubled Dark Knight, Batman has gone through many changes since debuting in his first DC comic 75 years ago. But what is your favorite Batman incarnation of all time? Visit our Facebook page to have your say and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a PlayStation VITA and games from our Superhero Sale, including Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes.


Here is how to enter:

  1. Visit us on Facebook
  2. Comment on the question, “Which is your favorite Batman of all time?” You’ll need to answer by August 5, 2014, 11:59PM PDT. US residents only, ages 18 and over only.
  3. Winners shall be notified by Facebook direct message within a week following the close of the Sweepstakes entry period, and must respond within 24 hours of notice.

We will select one random winner from the entries and contact that person via Facebook direct message by Wednesday, August 6th.


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Anarchy in UK Punk
Inspired by such American acts as The Ramones, punk exploded out of Britain in 1977, concentrating on lean rock’n’roll basics and anti-authoritarian attitudes that were perfected by Johnny Rotten (a mix of radical art school theater, comedy and Noam Chomsky-style braininess). The Sex Pistols, The Damned, and The Clash were the Big 3 while The Undertones and Buzzcocks helped define the punk-pop sound that would breakthrough decades later. Weird old guys, The Stranglers, were inspired by 1960s garage rock while The Jam was fronted by Paul Weller, whose disgusted “ ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street” explains why the scene’s increasing violence and thuggish orthodoxy had everyone from John Lydon to Captain Sensible moving on even as the initially playful, chaotic Spirit Of ’77 helped lead to everything from arty post-punk to sleek new wave and ska revival.

Mid-July New Releases
There’s a new full-length from Morrissey! Sam Smith comes to the streaming world! These are both huge stories in their own right, but let’s be honest – it’s all about the new Weird Al album.

Charlie Haden: Remembering The Jazz Bassist
Charlie Haden earned a major place in music history as the bassist who helped to create “free” jazz with Ornette Coleman before breaking further ground with Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny, Art Pepper, Paul Bley, Gato Barbieri and many others. Then, in 1991 his cool-toned bop group Quartet West, cut Haunted Heart, a runaway bestseller that played out like a film noir. Haden, a beloved musician, remained a jazz star until his passing in 2014.

Daptone Records
Daptone Records is doing its part to ensure that good, quality soul music never fades from the spotlight. Explore some of the grittiest, funkiest moves from the Daptone crew.

Final Fantasy: Friday Night Gamers
To celebrate all things Big in Japan this month, we’re bringing you an amazing new soundtrack to play alongside Final Fantasy. Time for a weekend of magic and battles!

1969 Rewind
As the ‘60s came to came to a close, the charts were rife with some of the most explosive music in popular music. And also some of the most saccharine. For every “Mother Popcorn” there was a “Sugar, Sugar.” For every “Honky Tonk Woman” there was “Build Me Up Buttercup.” Motown, Vietnam, hippie musicals, rock n’ roll, bubblegum – it’s all represented in this kaleidoscopic mix.

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For the second week in a row general Themistokles and the soldiers of 300: Rise of an Empire were able to fight off all comers to reign supreme at the top of the latest #VUTop10 ranking. This time its biggest threat came from Bad Words, a tale about a grown man, played by Jason Bateman, with the will to take down any kid who comes between him and the National Spelling Bee title.


Newbie to the service, Snowpiercer, also made quite a splash this week. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since the sci-fi thriller is all about surviving in post-apocalyptic times.

That’s just a taste of this week’s #VUTop10. Take a look below for the full ranking.

  1. 300: Rise of an Empire
  2. Bad Words
  3. The Lego Movie
  4. Snowpiercer
  5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  6. The Raid 2
  7. Non-Stop
  8. Lone Survivor
  9. Sabotage (2014)
  10. Robocop (2014)

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Get your dose of co-operative shooting in Crimsonland (PS4) and experience the immersive world of Kyrat in Far Cry 4 Gold Edition (PS4, PS3). See the full PlayStation Store update below.

Pre-order Far Cry 4 Gold Edition (PS4, PS3) and experience an expansive and immersive open world of Kyrat through integrated drop-in/drop-out co-op play. Kyrat lies hidden in the towering Himalayas, a country with a violent past and steeped in tradition. The Gold Edition includes bonus content such as additional missions, a season pass and enhanced weaponry.


In Crimsonland (PS4) you’ll be fully immersed in an intense top-down dual stick shooter as all sorts of creepy, crawly critters come flying at you – everything from giant spiders to mutant lizards. Once you complete sixty unique quests, you’ll have the ability to unlock your arsenal of five survival modes. Gather your friends and get ready to blast some aliens.


You’ll enjoy the ambiance of Abyss Odyssey (PS3), an Art Nouveau-esque, side-scrolling action adventure game where three warriors – the bold Katrien, the tortured specter Ghost Monk and the ethereal Pincoya – are all battling for an eternity. As you follow a path to the unknown, you’ll perform chain attacks and learn to possess your enemies. Abyss_Odyssey™_Sony_Entertainment_Network_US_-_2014-07-17_09.48.36
See the full PlayStation Store update here.

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