Kellie Pickler has arrived as an artist. Indebted perhaps to a long run on American Idol, her first two albums had decidedly pop leanings in keeping with her introduction to a national audience via America’s most popular TV program. Not that she wasn’t successful in doing so. A million and a half albums and 3 million tracks later, (including the platinum selling Taylor Swift co-authored ditty, “Best Days of Your Life”), Kellie was a regular on the talk show circuit and main support for the biggest arena acts in Country music. Now it’s time to blaze a new path. “When I auditioned for American Idol I was not an artist,” the season five alum admits. “So from Idol to the first record to this record, I really tried to find myself because there’s a difference between a singer and an artist.

The Music Unlimited service sat down with Kellie Pickler at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to talk about, 100 Proof, her most rewarding and sure to be most critically received new record. The album harkens back to Country music’s golden era without sounding dusty or losing any modern production value. In other words, she’s not making music for Tammy Wynette fans as much as she wants her fans to know about Tammy Wynette. Kellie discusses some of her favorite songs on the record, including, “Tough,” “The Letter (to Daddy)” and “Mother’s Day.”

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Feb 2, 2012

100 Proof sounds amazing!


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