As we mentioned the other day we’re bringing back the Theatrical Throwdown. So here’s your opportunity to vote for what movie gets offered for just $.99 in SD ($1.99 for HD) to our U.S. users as well as those in English-speaking territories of Canada.

The first bout pits Tower Heist against Drive (2011).

Tower Heist is the latest from director Brett Ratner. Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick and others star as the employees and tenants of a ritzy New York apartment building who have trusted much of their money to a powerful finance world executive (Alan Alda) who also lives in the building. Upon finding he has lost all of that money the victims enlist the aid of a thief (Eddie Murphy) to try and get it back, though he has his hands full trying to turn this ragtag group into a team of world-class burglars.

Drive comes from director Nicolas Winding Refn and stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stuntman who makes money on the side as a getaway driver. He runs afoul of a mobster (Albert Brooks, who garnered critical accolades for his performance) as he gets more involved with a lovely neighbor (Carey Mulligan) who he has helped out with some problems.

Now you can vote for your favorite here. Voting runs between Noon Pacific today (Sunday) and 6PM Pacific Wednesday. The winner will be announced Thursday and then become available Friday for a limited time. Vote below now!

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