Are you an Android user who wants to take the Music Unlimited playlists you’ve created with you, even when no mobile connection is available?

Then today’s your lucky day! We’ve added offline playback functionality to the Music Unlimited service’s Android app. Now you can download your Music Unlimited playlists and play the songs you’ve added to those playlists wherever you go, even places where you can’t get a mobile signal like airplanes or the back room of your relative’s house where you’re hiding because hey, you love them, but you just need a little peace and quiet before your aunt asks another question about how your dating life is going.

If you’re a subscriber to the Music Unlimited service and want to enable offline playback on your Android device here’s a simple how to:

  1. Go to My Library > Playlists
  2. Tap the Options button for the playlist you want to have available offline
  3. Select “Available Offline”

The playlist will begin downloading and the icon will change from spinning green arrows to a solid green image when all the songs in that playlist have been downloaded.

If you are offline just select “Switch to Offline Mode” in your Android hardware menu. You can now browse by album, artist, song or Playlist within Music Unlimited!

Find out more about Music Unlimited and supported devices here.


17 Responses to “Music Unlimited Android App Gets Offline Playback”

Matuza Bodoque

Nov 28, 2012

There is any news about the functionality in Android 4.0.4?
S3 specifically?


Nov 28, 2012

I want to know if this work for android 4.0.4
Because is interesting…

    Mark Rodriguez

    Jan 26, 2013

    I agree, but I bet it is an Apple restriction and not something that Sony isn’t trying to offer.


Dec 3, 2012

Offline mode needs to be on iOS and PSP as well. All features should be the same on all products.


Dec 11, 2012

ios & psp

Mark Rodriguez

Jan 26, 2013

Is this functionality ever coming to the IPhone. The service is good, but the inability to play music when driving through a dead or low signal area is frustrating.


Mar 17, 2013

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