You love to watch TV. We love to watch TV. So when May rolls around it’s always a bittersweet time. On the one hand we’re disappointed because so many of our favorite shows are coming to an end for the season, but on the other hand, these shows often save their best for last, sending us into the summer with cliffhangers and exciting finales that keep us guessing until they return.

This week there are a bunch of fan favorites that are signing off for the summer. From the continuing vampiric adventures of The Vampire Diaries to the comically romantic travails of New Girl and the mind-spinning adventures of the team on Fringe, all these shows are finishing their current seasons this week. The good news is that you can watch these finales on the Video Unlimited service one day after their initial TV broadcast. And the summer is a great time to use the Video Unlimited service to catch up on episodes you may have missed before these shows return in the fall.

2 Broke Girls (5/7): This story of two young women making their way until they’re able to open their own cupcake shop has certainly appealed to viewers. The combination of Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings has great chemistry and you won’t want to miss the hour-long finale with a Martha Stewart appearance!

Castle (5/7): Will Castle and Beckett finally admit to how they feel about each other? After a year of her denying her knowledge about Castle’s declaration of love, things have finally come to a head as they pursue the man who shot her in last year’s finale.

New Girl (5/8): While audiences initially used some variations of “adorkable” to describe Zooey Deschanel’s single girl character, New Girl has turned into a great ensemble show over its freshman season. Now things wrap up and there may be changes afoot for the roommates as they make decisions that could have implications for the status quo.

The Vampire Diaries (5/10): In the season three finale, Elena reminisces about the simpler days when her parents were still alive. Find out if Salvatore brothers (Stefan and Damon) will be there for Elena when she most needs them and just how far Jeremy is prepared to do to keep his sister safe.

The Big Bang Theory (5/10): Will Howard and Bernadette finally get married or will Howard be heading into space? And what’s in store for Penny and Leonard? Finally, is Sheldon beginning to show signs of emotion? There are lots of romantic cliffhangers in store for this nerd-tastic show as it winds up its season.

The Secret Circle (5/10): Last we saw, Faye had been attacked by the Witch Hunters. In the finale, Jake, Melissa and Adam will embark on a three person search party to save her. Tune in and see if they will be able to complete the rescue with ease or will Cassie have to make a tough decision to use dark magic in order to save her friend.

The Office (5/10): With Steve Carell’s iconic Michael Scott having left Scranton, Andy (Ed Helms) is now Regional Manager and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is still second in command in the eighth season of this popular sitcom. That’s just one way this show has remained remarkably consistent while also bringing fresh and funny takes on the workplace environment each week. The show continues to mine the hum-drum life of a regional paper company for new sources of humor that continues to delight audiences.

Parks and Recreation (5/10): After a season on the campaign trail, it all comes down to the finale for team Knope 2012. Will Leslie live up to her election motto that she’s “The best candidate for the best town?” Will her bus tour, TV ad and bowling for votes antics be all for not?  When all the votes are counted and the dust settles, we’ll know who will be the next city council member of Pawnee.

Fringe (5/11): The Fringe team is getting closer than ever to unlocking the secrets that lie at the heart of the mysteries they investigate and what their role is in this and other universes. Worried that all you questions and theories will never get answered? Rest assured – the recent news that the series is getting a final season guarantees answers are coming soon if not on Friday!

American Dad (5/13): Closing out yet another season of Seth MacFarlane’s hilarious animated sitcom, American Dad, Stan takes Steve south of the border in hopes that it will help him man up. Their trip will quickly get out of hand when they are kidnapped by the drug cartel. Will Steven live up to his dad’s expectations and save the day?

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