We love movie trailers! They’re fun and we always get excited when new ones come out. But sometimes the only way to really get a sense of what a movie has to offer is to take a closer look. Now, the Video Unlimited service offers you just that.

10-Minute Previews – a new feature that allows you to watch up to 10 minutes of select movies – comes absolutely free.

Here’s how you can find these free 10-Minute Previews:

  1. Access the video store through your Sony Entertainment Network compatible device
  2. Navigate to New Releases and select 10-Minute Previews
  3. Choose the movie of your choice
  4. Select any purchase options (Own or Rent, SD and HD)
  5. Select ‘Preview’
  6. Enjoy up to 10 minutes of the movie free!

Are you sold after the first 10 minutes? Simply make the entire movies yours by selecting “Buy Now” or “Rent Now”. 10-Minute Previews launches on the Video Unlimited service todaywith extended looks at the superpower sci-fi thriller, Chronicle and Katherine Heigl action comedy, One For the Money. Check the 10-Minute Preview section every Tuesday for new extended footage so you can make an informed decision about your movie purchase.

Happy viewing!

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