No matter if you’re looking for a first-person shooter, off-road racing or a chance to utter the words “checkmate,” you’ll find it in the PlayStation Store this week.

Guarantee yourself hours of action packed fun with Resistance: Burning Skies as you take on the role of firefighter Tom Reilly who’s on a mission to get his family back from an alien race known as the Chimera. Check out this sweet title on the PS Vita.

First-person shooters not your thing? If you consider yourself the master of chess you can test your wits against the genius AI of RipStone’s Pure Chess. If proving yourself behind the wheel is more your speed (literally), you can race your way to first place with Mad Riders. Both can be found on PSN.

Just in case those didn’t whet your appetite, you can also try out a demo of the highly anticipated PS Vita action-adventure game Gravity Rush before it hits shelves on June 12.

Find out what else is new in the PlayStation Store, including what discounts are available for PlayStation Plus subscribers here.

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