Music Unlimited had the distinct please of sitting down with one of Texas’ finest rocking Country groups, The Randy Rogers Band. Fresh off their CMAfest performance at the Riverfront stage, Randy and the guys swung by the PlayStation truck in downtown Nashville to learn about the service and answer some questions.

Music Unlimited: Your songs have some amazing vocal harmonies, particularly on the last album, Burning the Day. Was it a conscious decision to create that layered harmony?

Randy Rogers: I think that evolved. I was a singer-songwriter, playing acoustic, just trying to get my songs out there on open mic night. Then I started a band, and everyone in that band quit. They became accountants, they did other stuff. And then Jeffery joined the band and I think really we found our sound, at least vocally, when Jeffery joined the band because he sings the majority of the harmonies, [“like a bird” a band member chimes in] – yeah, like a bird. And I think whatever the blend between my voice and his voice, and Brady our fiddle-player when he joins, just happened organically enough—like hey you’re a good singer, we should start a band.

Music Unlimited: Your band has built its reputation as road warrior doing 200 shows a year. Is that the type of schedule that you see for yourself 5-10-20 years down the road? People like Willie Nelson have been doing it 50 years.

Randy Rogers: Well, I think probably. We’ve already drank the punch, you know, I think we’ll probably be on the road. I can’t imagine sitting at home for more than two weeks in a row. I think we’d all go crazy. I think our wives or girlfriends would kill us. I think we’ve been on the road so long now that a dead stop or cold turkey or changing it would – I think it would all freak the hell out of us, you know to be honest. Yeah, I think we’re pretty much ruined for anything else that we would ever want to do. I mean it’s been twelve years now, I’ve been on the road that many dates a year and I don’t know if I could function if I wasn’t going somewhere. I think we’re screwed! Or we won! We either won or we lost. I mean it’s a fair bet.

Music Unlimited: You are about to head out on a string of dates with Wade Bowen who you have had a musical relationship with for many years now. What can Randy Rogers Band fans can expect if they have never seen this show before?

Randy Rogers: Well the tour is called “Hold My Beer and Watch This,” so hold my beer and watch me play PlayStation! You know it’s just a fun show, it’s an acoustic show, it’s a show about songs and why they were written by the people that wrote them. So we stand up there and make fun of each other and tell stories about why we wrote the songs. And I think the shows are light-hearted. I think if you’re a big fan of the music, it does you a good service to go to one of those shows because you get to hear it differently and see it differently instead of at the big production with lights and smoke and everything that happens. You get to see it stripped down, just me trying to remember the words. Sometimes that gets a little hairy so it’s a good time.

Music Unlimited: Country fans have been a bit more resistant to switching over to digital music, but fans of the Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen have been bucking that trend. Why do you think that is?

Randy Rogers: I think it’s your fan base. I think we have a younger demo maybe than most peeps out there doing this, so I think it’s just basically how you get your music. I think we have a very educated audience, I think they know right from wrong, they know good from bad. I think our audience in general pays attention. And I do think that the majority of them do learn from a younger age how to get music the fastest way, and let’s face it, that’s digitally. I mean that’s Tuesday at 12:01 A.M. when it comes out you can get it online and I think that’s what people are doing. I think the music is beginning to be popular and gaining presence in the marketplace and the fan base is eager and hungry for the music and I think that you can get it faster digitally and that’s just the fact. And that’s just plain and simple, you get it quicker digitally.

Music Unlimited: You played the Riverfront Stage today. Any other activities for you at CMAfest?

Randy Rogers: We’re going to play some PlayStation; we’re going to go talk to CMT, GAC, run around. Probably going to have a few beers over at Losers. Some cold Bud Lights. You know, soak it in. This is a good week for country music, we’re proud to be a part of it. We did rock the River Stage, tons of people out there. We played at 11:00 in the morning, good time slot. And, life is good.

Music Unlimited: Word is there is a new record coming soon. What can you tell us about it?

Randy Rogers: Yeah, album’s called “Trouble” and the new single’s called “One More Sad Song,” which ships next month to radio. I don’t know the release date yet on the album, but it will come out and when it does we hope you like it. And it’s us; it’s basically a snapshot of where we’re at – a portrait of where we’re at in our lives. We wrote the songs, we played on it. I think we made it in seven days or eight days in the studio. That was it. We knocked it out and MCA said yes, they’re putting it out. So here we go!

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