Featured this week, 21 Jump Street returns with a limited-time discount! Own the movie for $12.99 in SD, and $14.99 in HD. The sale ends 8/6 and there really isn’t a better time than now to see this outrageously funny comedy if you’ve been holding out.

In Movies, check out The Raid: Redemption. This hardcore action film focuses on an elite force of soldiers tasked with bringing down a violent gang leader. Unknown to them, they are walking into a trap set to destroy them for their enemy’s entertainment. This dark film has been touted as a must see for action lovers and it is yours to own this week before it hits DVD shelves!

Sale? Check. Early releases? Got it. Extended previews? Look no further! The Video Unlimited service brings you 10-Minute Previews, letting you watch up to 10 minutes of select movies absolutely free! This feature gives you a great opportunity to decide whether you’ll like a movie before you buy it. Simply visit the video store and navigate over to Collections & Sales > 10-Minute Previews.

Revel in the spirit of the Summer Olympics with Own $5 Films featuring Summer Games this week. Get pumped for your favorite Olympics competitions with films like Boys of Summer and Legendary.

All this and more on the Video Unlimited service…

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