Loving PSN PLAY? After hitting a homerun with the launch of Expendables 2 we take it to another level with the PlayStation exclusive Sound Shapes, which is bundled with both PS3 and PS Vita versions for one price! This week also opens the window to pre-order Papo & Yo: the tale of a young boy named Quico and his best friend Monster. Plus members cash in again on this deal by receiving an exclusive theme as well as a 20 percent discount.

The deals keep coming for PlayStation Plus subscribers with the update to the Instant Game Collection and the first two episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead free! Already a Walking Dead Season Pass holder? You’ll be among the first to experience the later episodes as they are released.

In the mood for a fighting game? Bust a one, two combo in HD with the PS3 full game version of The King of Fighters XIII. Just in case you’re looking for something a little less intense, manage five farms around the world with Farm Frenzy 3 on the PS Minis.

Tell us what you plan to download by commenting below. And don’t forget to check out other new additions to the PlayStation Store here.

One Response to “New to the PlayStation Store This Week: 8/8”


Oct 8, 2012

I received mine for free anyayws, so I don’t have to lose PTO from work to wait in the cold weather for something that people without morals are going to sell anyayws. I’d wait in line for a million bucks, but not sure about some people’s mentality. Just like being first at the lunch line .. I played games on a PS3 development kit at work (EA Sports) over a year ago and was impressed with it. Only thing is that it did not look anything like the final release. Looked like a tan PC tower with a PSP hanging out for a controller. Graphics were cool and game play fantastic, even for beta games. I got my PS3 free from my landlord who works for Sony in Foster City, CA three days ago and am impressed! It’s a great investment!

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