Today, The Rolling Stones announced their 50th anniversary greatest hits album, “GRRR!” It will be released on November 13th and include two new songs, “Gloom and Doom,” and “One Last Shot,” – their first new tracks in seven years. To kick off the anniversary, they will be performing two massive shows in London and Brooklyn, a ticket that most certainly be a hot commodity amongst fans.

We’re so excited that we are dedicating today’s video round up to the Stones, hailed as one of the most entertaining live shows that feature a long history of astronomical hits. Listen to their catalog on the Music Unlimited service and watch the videos below.


“Miss You” (Live in Texas 1978)

“Gimme Shelter” (Live in Shanghai 2006)

“It’s Only Rock and Roll” (Live in Los Angeles 1975)

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Live in London 2003)

“Wild Horses” (Live in Rio De Janeiro 2006)

“Paint it Black” (Live in Tokyo 1990)

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