Twilight: Breaking Dawn: This final trailer, which debuted at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, shows once again that there’s a major battle brewing between the various vampire camps. But that’s secondary to the fact that Kristen Stewart’s Bella takes down a cougar mid-leap.


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Cloud Atlas: This new theatrical trailer, though still a bit of a head scratcher, is a bit more telling than the previous six-minute trailer released in July. We see now that the movie tells a story about souls reconnecting with each other through the centuries and how a single kind of kindness ripples through generations to inspire a revolution. It’s no less visually stunning than the first one, but the traditional structure of this new trailer makes things easier to grasp.

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The Bay: Another found-footage film but this time about a mysterious viral outbreak in a small town. This new film from director Barry Levinson has an interesting take on the genre as it takes footage from multiple sources instead of focusing on just one camera’s work.

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Parental Guidance: Billy Crystal heads back to the big screen after nearly a decade and returns as a grandparent who’s been asked to babysit his grandkids while their mother is out of town. With Bette Midler as his wife, Marisa Tomei as their daughter and lots of Vaudeville-esque one-liners, this looks to be a comedic film about the inevitable generational divide, and boy, it’s great to have Billy Crystal back!


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Smashed: A young husband and wife, Charlie and Kate, are living every day, well, smashed. But when Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wants Charlie (Aaron Paul) to join her in sobriety, it leads to a conflict between the couple who suddenly have to reevaluate their lives and their relationships.


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A Late Quartet: Philip Seymour Hoffman is currently getting praise for his role in The Master. Here he plays a frustrated member of a string quartet that is about to give its final performance. With Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener playing two other members, this has a powerhouse cast and could be a great drama.

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