Glee made its return last night, following some if it’s signature characters to new chapters and introducing new New Directions members to fill their shoes. Bigger than the plot points, however, are the songs, which long ago beat The Beatles’ record for most Hot 100 singles by non-solo artists (which they did in just over a year compared to the Fab Four’s 32 years . . . really.)

While we anticipate some of the great new covers the cast will perform this season, we reflect on our Top 10 Glee cover versions, awesome songs complete with sparkle fingers and the voices we have come to love over the last three seasons.

Don’t forget to watch last night’s episode, “The New Rachel,” and all three previous seasons now on the Video Unlimited service!

1) “We Are Young” (by Fun.)

2)  “Tik Tok” (by Ke$ha)

3)  “Cough Syrup” (by Young the Giant)

4)  “Defying Gravity” (from Wicked)

5)  “Baby” (by Justin Bieber)

6)  “Back to Black” (by Amy Winehouse)

7)  “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” (by Michael Jackson)

8)  “Bad Romance” (by Lady Gaga)

9)  “Gold Digger” (by Kanye West)

10) “Fix You” (by Coldplay)

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