This week The Avengers with its sparkling script, star-studded non-stop action, and abundance of prominent jawlines continues to reign atop the list. This film is also available in 3D if you want an even more exciting, eye-popping experience. Most of the other films in the top 10 remain in the list from last week and continue to jockey for position.

There is one newcomer to the list this week with action/adventure The Hunger Games making a return to the list at number nine after disappearing for a couple weeks.

If you’ve got a hunger for a movie but aren’t sure what to see next, the top 10 list below might offer an idea or two for you from our users’ favorites.

  1. The Avengers  
  2. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1
  3. The Cabin in the Woods       
  4. Prometheus (plus Bonus Features)           
  5. Snow White & the Huntsman (Extended Version)         
  6. Resident Evil: Damnation     
  7. Dark Shadows 
  8. Battleship          
  9. The Hunger Games    
  10. Dark Shadows (HD plus Bonus Features)               


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