In New Releases, check out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in HD to kick off Halloween. From visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (Director of Wanted) comes this edgy thriller about the untold story that shaped our nation. Abraham Lincoln, history’s greatest hunter of the undead, must risk the presidency, his family and his life to protect America from bloodthirsty vampires. Thrust into an epic fight against the ruthless killers, Lincoln must rely on those around him. But it’s unclear who he can trust in this intense and violent thriller that’s ablaze with plot twists, blood-pumping action and spectacular special effects!

Also in New Releases, one for the ladies! Own Magic Mike (in HD plus Bonus Features) before it hits DVD shelves. More men, more dancing, more fun!  Get the full dance sequences that were too hot for theaters in the Extended Dance Scenes bonus feature. Find out from Channing Tatum the finer details of being a male stripper in Backstage on Magic Mike, and watch as his co-stars make the transformation from amateur performers to true professionals!

Finally in New Releases, find Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy. As a teenager, an illicit fling with his sexy school teacher catapults Donny Levine into a brief period of borderline notoriety. However, as his fame fizzles out, Donny becomes just another unskilled, unloved, middle-aged loser with debts to pay off. So, when he learns that the progeny of his underage affair is now all grown up and about to marry into a successful family, Donny attempts to reconnect with the son he barely knows, who wants nothing to do with him, and his soon-to-be in-laws.

Halloween has officially arrived on the Video Unlimited service. Starting today through October 31 a special creature will emerge from its asylum cell each week and give us special deals on movies associated with it. Ghosts recently emerged from their cell today, so we’re putting ghost movies up for sale for as low as $4.99 through October 31. We also have other specials like Top 40 Horror Films on the Video Unlimited Service, Halloween TV, and Insane $0.99 Horror Rents. With prices this low, your Halloween just got spookier!

All this and more on the Video Unlimited service…

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