Beats Antique have made a name for themselves with a unique brand of experimental world fusion and live electronica. Formed in 2007 out of the Bellydance Superstars compilations, their shows are a powerful mix of lights, costumes, dancing and music. The result is a fanbase as eclectic as their sound; from lifelong fans of contemporary World Music to rave kids at electronic dance events. We caught up with the band at last week’s CounterPoint Festival just before their set.

Sony Entertainment Network: Your most recent release is called Contraption Vol 2. What is it about this record, that made you go back to the Contraption “brand” three years and many records later? Is this a series you intend to continue?

Beats Antique: We felt that this latest release has a kinship to Contraption Vol. 1 in that we were experimenting with live and electronic styles much like how we approached Vol. 1.

SEN: Bassnectar is one of the headliners at CounterPoint and his remix of “Roustabout” is one of your more well-known songs. How did that collaboration come about?

BA: Lorin is a close friend in the bay, he came by one day and heard Roustabouts the night before we were sending it off to get mastered, he instantly wanted to remix it – so in less than 24 hours he returned an amazing remix that we included in the release. It gained a lot of ground because we were about to go on a 35 show tour with the crazy bass face maker!

SEN: You strike me as a band that has probably performed at a lot of non-traditional places. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever done a show?

BA: Yes We’ve played in the jungles of costa rica and during dust storms on the black rock desert in Nevada. We like to perform in strange and beautiful places !!!

SEN: What’s the one thing each band member can’t live without on tour?
BA: Coffee, Sleep and Smart phones

SEN: You have made a couple of incredible videos for the tracks “Revival” and “Cat Skillz.” Have you ever considered working on a feature length film?

BA: Maybe one day we’ll make a movie. Our music is influenced by cinematic music and I would be a jolly good time!

SEN: I saw you posted about Prop 37 in support of labeling genetically modified food. Are the members of Beats Antique pro-active politically, or does this issue strike a particular chord with the band?

BA: Yes we like to stand up for things we believe in ! Prop 37 is about food awareness and knowing if your food has been genetically modified or not. This is a basic human right and hopefully California can pass this and pave the way for the US as a whole.

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