The Guilt Trip: Seth Rogen co-starring with Barbara Streisand may not sound like the premise of a great comedy, but this trailer shows it just might work. As a guilt-ridden son who invites his mom on a road trip, Rogen has plenty to do even if it does look like Streisand gets the best moments here.

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The Croods: Set in prehistoric times, a family’s world is changed when the daughter (voiced by Emma Stone) defies her father’s (Nicolas Cage) wishes and leaves their cave, opening them up to a much bigger world and setting them on a road to fantastic adventures.

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A Good Day to Die Hard: John McClane is back again and this time he’s in Russia. Aside from the change in location, the movie looks to keep many of the elements that made the original franchise so exciting. Watch the trailer as Bruce Willis quips his way through another round of making sure it’s the bad guys who die hard and not him.


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Parker: Jason Statham plays a thief with a moral code who’s betrayed by his crew. So as he sets out to exact revenge, he enlists a partner (Jennifer Lopez) and starts working on a plan to get even and get paid at the same time.

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Broken City: Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe face off as, respectively, an ex-cop and a powerful mayor. Each have their own agenda and each are looking to take each other down. Looks like a powerful drama featuring two heavyweight actors.

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