Carrie: Chloe Moretz steps into the role of Carrie in this remake of the 1976 original based on the acclaimed novel by Stephen King. This teaser doesn’t give away much, except for that there are a lot of worried adults and a town on fire.

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Hitchcock: Anthony Hopkins stars as the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock in a story about a director’s battle against a wary studio during the making of Psycho. With Helen Mirren as his wife and Scarlett Johansson as Pyscho’s leading lady, the cast is an interesting mix of talent both young and old, but looks to be a great flick as it offers a look at a fascinating figure in Hollywood history.

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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas: Writer/director/star Edward Burns tells the story of a man who wants to spend Christmas with the family that he walked out on 30+ years ago, while the family is conflicted about letting that happen. As all that’s happening, Burns’ character begins a relationship with a neighbor played by Friday Night Lights’ Connie Britton.

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