Iron Man 3: Tony Stark is back in another solo outing after last summer’s The Avengers, and this first trailer grabs fans by the lapels and shakes them vigorously. It looks like Iron Man is feeling pressure from all sides as his enemies – including Ben Kingsley as the mysterious Mandarin – come after him, blowing up his ocean-side house, doing some major damage to his armor arsenal and more. And is that a new suit that assembles itself in pieces? Time to get excited.

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Save the Date: Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie play sisters with two very different views on marriage. When the boyfriend of Caplan’s character unexpectedly proposes, and she walks out on him, she begins to explore what it is she really wants out of a relationship. This trailer looks sweet and heartfelt.

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Skyfall: One more trailer before the 11/9 theatrical release. This one features some of the same material as before but that’s alright since it does so with such style. We could watch that shot of Bond straightening the cuffs of his shirt after jumping onto a train all day.

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A Haunted House: Well it was only a matter of time before Hollywood got around to spoofing the “found footage” horror genre, right? This one looks pretty funny, with some decent jokes that take after storylines from movies like Paranormal Activity to their logical comedic conclusion.

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