Lay the Favorite: Bruce Willis plays Dink, a Vegas gambler who’s been cruising by on charm and good luck. Rebecca Hall is Beth, a wide-eyed young woman who starts working for him just about the same time the law starts to catch up with his questionable operations. Look for this one on the Video Unlimited service November 2nd, before it’s in theaters.

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Evil Dead: The first trailer for the remake of Sam Raimi’s classic certainly brings the gore. This red-band version has lots of blood and language and is definitely meant for mature audiences.The trailer also features the iconic arsenal – the chainsaw – which is a great throwback to the original, Bruce Campbell-starring series.

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Safe Haven: Yet another adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. This one features a woman (Julianne Hough) on the run from the law who settles in a small town and gets involved with the handsome shop owner (Josh Duhamel). Being a Sparks adaptation you know to expect a lot of melodrama.

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Quartet: Dustin Hoffman makes his directorial debut with this story about a retirement home for older musicians. Maggie Smith stars as an opera prima donna who moves to the home and is quickly caught up in the drama of the setup. Looks both funny and charming.


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Struck By Lightning: Glee’s Chris Colfer writes and stars in this story about a high school student determined to make his dream of becoming a professional writer come true. When his classmates refuse to support his aspirations to launch a literary magazine, he resorts to a little creative blackmail to get the help he needs.


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