By 1996, Steve Aoki had already been hustling in the underground electronic music scene, hosting concerts out of his college dorm and playing in bands around his native SoCal. That year, he founded Dim Mak Records, a now legendary dance/house label that originally started by hosting more indie-rock-leaning, LA apartment shows such as At the Drive-In & The Rapture. They managed to evolve in the wake of dance/house/DJ scene taking shape and remixing rock music. Aoki, a DJ in his own right, is largely recognized in helping define the genre and it’s superstars as well as being a champion for the LA music scene with the label, events and more under the Dim Mak umbrella. Learn more about the origins of the label here: The History of Dim Mak.

In celebration of this week’s release of his  new EP It’s the End of the World As We Know It, we count off essential Dim Mak music for #ThrowbackThursday, including one of the first singles by Bloc Party, the first New Noise compilation,  the latest from Felix Cartal and more.


Bloc Party
Song: Tulips” (2005)

Album: Fist of God (2009)
Song: “Heartbreaker (ft. John Legend)”

Bloody Beatroots
Album: Romborama (2009)
Song: “Warp 1.9 (ft. Steve Aoki)”

Dada Life
Album: White Noise/Red Meat (2010) 
Song: White Noise/Red Meat (Bassjackers Remix)

Atari Teenage Riot
Album: Is This Hyperreal? (2011) 
Song: “Black Flags”

Various Artists
Album:  New Noise Vol. 1 (2011)
Song: The Subs – “Octopus”

Felix Cartal
Album: Different Faces (2012)
Song: “Tonight (ft. Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds)”

Infected Mushroom
Album: Army of Mushrooms (2012)
Song: “Evelition (with Datsik ft. Jonathan Davis)”

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