We kick off 2013 with our next On the Rise artist for January, NYC’s A$AP Rocky. As ringleader for hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, he is blazing a wide open trail for the rest of his crew while standing on his own as a crowned prince of hip-hop’s new royalty. His debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, hits the Music Unlimited service today, which has everyone from XXL Magazine to USA Today to Pitchfork singing his praises.

Now, you can hear his On the Rise: A$AP Rocky Artist Picks Channel on the Music Unlimited service, featuring his hand-picked influences and tracks from the debut album, including the Drake-laced “F**Kin’ Problems,” and a longtime Music Unlimited chart-topper, “Goldie.” Keep an eye out for more about A$AP Rocky in the coming weeks and hear for yourself why he’s “on the rise!”

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