The Last Exorcism II: Let’s move past the idea of something with “Last” in the title getting a sequel (gamers, see also “Rainbow Six Vegas 2”) and just take in this creepy flick about a woman who just can’t ditch the demon who’s stalking her, regardless of where she goes.

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Ghost Team One: This spoof of Paranormal Activity and its ilk has a much different take on the found-footage genre than others. Instead of over-playing all the jokes, this movie, which will premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival, simply puts a couple of incompetent dudes in the middle of the haunted house action..

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Wrong: A guy’s world starts getting very, very weird as he travels to the realm of the absurd while looking for his lost dog. If you ever wanted to see movie where someone taps into the memory of dog poop and has it make complete sense, this may be the flick for you.

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The Power of Few: A movie about the theft of the Shroud of Turin featuring Christopher Walken and whose plot was determined by people voting on social media? We’re certainly curious as to how this might turn out.

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The Call: Halle Berry plays a 911 operator who races against the clock to save a kidnapped victim from a serial killer. This looks like an intense thriller with some really disturbing stuff in it.

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