The world of unscripted TV is vast. There are cooking shows, model competitions, people looking for love in all the wrong places and so much more. To help you discover more new favorites, starting today we’re offering discounts on three unique reality TV shows now through February 2nd. Here’s what’s on sale:

Face-Off Seasons 2-4: Dive into the world of special effects make-up and the artists behind it all.

Bad Girls Club Seasons 4-10: Each season, a different group of women are put together into a house and challenged to change their destructive behaviors. As you can guess, more than half the enjoyment of the show is seeing them break the rules.

Ghost Hunters Seasons 1-9: Things get spooky as paranormal experts Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson investigate one strange happening after another, looking for strange images, weird smells and anything that could point to something from the great beyond.

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