Many of you have been asking for it, so we’re happy to announce that you can now add funds to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet by using PayPal.

Your wallet can be used to purchase games from PlayStation Store, movies and TV episodes from the Video Unlimited service, subscriptions to the Music Unlimited service, and more.

Adding funds to your wallet through PayPal is easy. Just sign into your Sony Entertainment Network account, select “Add Funds” then “PayPal” and transfer any amount from $5 to $150 to your wallet. You can also add funds to your wallet from PayPal on your Android device via the Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited or PS Mobile applications. First, select “Account” and “Wallet,” then “Add Funds to Wallet” and the “PayPal” option.

Now that it’s easier to fund your wallet, what game, movie or TV show are you going to buy first? Let us know!

18 Responses to “Top Off Your Sony Entertainment Network Wallet With PayPal”


May 20, 2013

No, seriously, just tell us how this is supposed to work.
My $10 is booked from Paypal and is still missing from my ‘Wallet’ and there is nothing recorden in my ‘Transaction History’. Do I get a code I am supposed to enter, or just wait an undefined length of time?
Needing to pay for camera functions separately, instead of just building them into the camera is annoying enough as it is, without the paying itself being so difficult.


May 21, 2013

I always get the “Your payment was unsuccessful” message when I try to add funds from paypal. I live in Norway.


    May 23, 2013

    I have the same problem. When trying to pay using paypal, I got message “your transaction was unsuccessful”. My paypal acc works fine, i checked it, it just doesn’t work with sony entertainment. Why?


May 31, 2013

Fails for me as well, “Your transaction was unsuccessful.”.

No problem paying for anything else with PayPal. Seems like Sony really doesn’t want my money :(


Jun 28, 2013

adding psn funds is a pain in the..

hasson terrell

Nov 1, 2013

yes i cool with that

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