We’re excited to announce today’s launch of the new Sony Entertainment Network online store allowing you to browse and buy PlayStation Network games, add-ons, movies, TV shows, and more for PlayStation3, PSP, PlayStation Vita, and Sony Android devices from any PC over the web.

The new Sony Entertainment Network online store makes it easier and more convenient to find all the movies, games, TV shows you’re looking for, as well as discover new digital content. The online store, which launched in Europe last winter, is now live in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil..

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com with your Sony Entertainment Network or PlayStation Network username and password.
  2. Browse or search for PlayStation Network games, add-ons, movies, TV shows or whatever else you’re looking for.
  3. As soon as you buy what you want in the online store it will be added to “My Downloads” in the PS Store on your PS3, PSP, or PS Vita for you to download and enjoy!

Check out this walkthrough video posted on the PlayStation Blog.

There are more features already on the way in coming months, including automatic remote download and more, so stay tuned here, on Twitter and on Facebook for all the news as soon as it happens.

3 Responses to “Introducing the New Sony Entertainment Network Online Store”


Jan 24, 2013

Is this connected to the Sony rewards if not it should be.


Jan 24, 2013

Does not work on my Chromebook(chromeOS). “This site does not support your browser.” Please fix it!


Jan 26, 2013

Love the new web store. Two things missing to make it perfect:

1) A wishlist
2) Filter games by user rating

Keep up the good work.

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