Taken 2 is once again takin’ the top spot on this week’s list of the most popular movies on the Video Unlimited service. The movie’s very particular set of skills allow it to do a snatch and grab of the pole position after coming in at #4 last week.

In the mood for something frightfully chilling this weekend? This week’s list includes The Possession, where a young girl’s ill-advised yard sale purchase leads to the unleashing of evil spirits, Paranormal Activity 4, the latest installment in the terrifying franchise and House at the End of the Street, where neighborhood demons that should have remained buried are brought to new life.

Also making the list are the poignant Frankenweenie from the mind of Tim Burton, Ted from the mind of Seth MacFarlane, the second part of the animated comics adaptation Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and more. Check out the rest of this week’s top Video Unlimited movie purchases below:

  1. Frankenweenie
  2. House At The End Of The Street
  3. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2
  4. Ted (Unrated)
  5. Looper
  6. Paranormal Activity 4
  7. Dredd
  8. End of Watch
  9. The Possession
  10. Taken 2

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