We’re continuing to bring you great offers here at PlayStation to start off 2013 right, and our latest deal can help you take advantage of everything PlayStation Plus has to offer for the rest of the year and beyond. For a limited time, we’re giving you three extra months of Plus at no additional cost when you sign up for a one-year membership.

The time to become a PlayStation Plus member couldn’t be better. We ended 2012 with the addition of PlayStation Plus and the Instant Game Collection on PS Vita, for a combined savings of $2,472 for the year. That includes free games and discounts for both PS3 and PS Vita, and we’ve got plenty more plans for PlayStation Plus in 2013. Yesterday we released our brand new Classic White PlayStation 3, which comes with a huge 500 GB hard drive (plenty of room for your Instant Game Collection). The Classic White PS3 package also comes with a voucher for one year of PlayStation Plus — if you redeem the voucher during this special promotional period, you’ll receive the bonus three months of free games, discounts and exclusive features through PlayStation Plus. And those of you who are already reaping the benefits of PlayStation Plus are in luck—you can stack your membership to take full advantage of this great offer!

This deal won’t be around forever, so make sure to act quickly. We’ll be offering the PlayStation Plus 1-year (+ 3 months) deal starting now and running through March 4th. Oh, and don’t forget to check PS.Blog later on, when we’ll have more Plus news, including a new addition to the Instant Game Collection.

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3 Responses to “PlayStation Plus: Sign Up For a 1-Year Membership, Get 3 Months Free”


Jan 30, 2013

I switched to FiOS, my PSP Go” can not connect to my WPA2. Also, Madden thirteen, is this available on PSP go system? Please help, I love my PSP GO! Anyone who can help me with these issues. Please reply or send an email to mwood712@gmail.com



Jan 31, 2013

Can I redeem 2 years of Plus and get an extra of 6 months?
Thanks for your answer.


Feb 3, 2013

My ps+ subscription ends in April. If I get the 3mfree deal. Does it start in April or when I buy it?

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