If you yearn to break free from expensive cable bills, tend to forget to set up your DVR, or are simply too busy to tune in during regular prime time TV hours, we’ve got a solution for you to make sure you never miss a single moment of your favorite shows.

The Video Unlimited service and PlayStation®Store offers most TV episodes the day after broadcast, which means even without cable, DVR, or the time, shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Family Guy are still easily accessible one day after they air on television. There are plenty of options to choose from in our massive library of more than 1,900 TV series and 53,000 episodes in the U.S., with each episode starting at just $1.99. And the best part? Every episode is commercial-free, and once purchased they can be watched whenever you like, for as long as you like, and they’ll never expire. Free episodes and extras are also readily available, so check out the Video Unlimited service and PlayStation®Store regularly to stock up on all the great TV offers and selections.

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One Response to “Did You Know: Watch TV Episodes the Day After They Air!”

Matt Krolikowski

Feb 11, 2013

As of 2/11/13, the two latest episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man to air on Disney XD have not been uploaded to Video Unlimited. Please update.

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