Wind-up Records has been a major player in the rock music scene since forming in the late 90’s. As the label continues their 15th Anniversary, we help celebrate by re-releasing our Wind-up Records Premium Channel for a limited time. Find it now in the premium channels section of the Music Unlimited service.

Wind-up has been consistently releasing great new talent, including recent albums from The Virginmarys, Young Guns, Aranda and Jillette Johnson. This is all built on a foundation of multi-platinum hits from Creed, Evanescence, Seether and more, which we re-visit in today’s #ThrowbackThursday below! Browse through classic albums and songs that made them household names.

Album: My Own Prison (1997)
Song: “Torn”

Finger Eleven
Album: The Greyest of Blue Skies (2000)
Song: “Drag You Down”

Drowning Pool
Album: Sinner (2001)
Song: “Bodies”

Album: Fallen (2003)
Song: “My Immortal”

Album: Disclaimer II (2004)
Song: “Broken (ft. Amy Lee)”

Thriving Ivory
Album: Thriving Ivory (2008)
Song: “Angels on the Moon”

Five for Fighting
Album: Slice (2009)
Song: “Chances”

The Darkness
Album: Hot Cakes (2012)
Song: “Every Inch of You”

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