Forty-three year after his death, a new kind of Jimi Hendrix posthumous album has been released. People Hell & Angels, the intended follow-up to his final 1968 album Electric Ladyland, features 12 never-released original songs you can listen to now on the Music Unlimited service.

To celebrate, we’re jumping back through the entire Hendrix catalog in our new Artist Rewind: Jimi Hendrix Premium Channel. Hear a broad range of Hendrix tracks, including songs from the debut, Are You Experienced, through Electric Ladyland as well as live performances and other songs pulled from the vault in previous years. Find it now in the Premium Channels section.

Jimi Hendrix blazed a trail for guitarists who followed him, becoming an iconic figure in the late 60’s rock movement. A prodigy in every sense of the word, the Seattle native’s impact has pulsed through the music scene in continuous fervor. His tragic death in 1970 heightened the demand for any new music from the guitarist. Fortunately for us all these years later he was well on his way to creating a slate of music that is now being released. While we may never know what it may have eventually turned into had Hendrix completed it, People Hell & Angels shows the direction he was heading in and provides another glimpse into his guitar genius. Enjoy the new album and the channel now!

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