English singer Kate Nash has been on a whirlwind since the release of her UK platinum-selling debut album, Made of Bricks in 2007. Yesterday, Nash released her third album, Girl Talk, featuring the single, “3AM.” She is currently in the midst of a North American east coast tour, wrapping up at the end of March to head back to the UK for April and returning in May for west coast dates. See the full list of shows here.

We got a chance to catch up with Kate Nash and ask her questions about her new album, essential tour items, philanthropy in Africa and her experience on the set of the upcoming Jeff Buckley bio-pic (starring Penn Badgley), Greetings from Tim Buckley.

Sony Entertainment Network: Now that you’re on your third album, what lessons have you learned from the other two?

Kate Nash: I’ve learnt a lot from touring and being in studios so much over the course of the last 6 going on 7 years now. I also produced a band called Supercute’s record in 2011, that totally educated on every aspect of making a record too, as I was responsible for someone else’s art and vision it made me focus on every single tiny detail and I think I was able to carry that over to this third album too. I think this record is so gut and emotionally led though that the actual songwriting process was fairy thoughtless. I just puked my emotions out and then thought about it afterwards. I guess I’ve learnt not to wait on other people too, sometimes you know what’s right and you just have to trust that and go with it. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have made this record and I would probably be in a mental health clinic freaking out right now. Music is my therapy and I need it to survive. I have also realized that there are always other options and that you have to take a lot of the emotion out of the business side of things and put yourself first. 

SEN: You are able to play several instruments, which is your favorite and why?

KN: Definitely the bass guitar. I just fell in love with how it felt to play it. It makes me feel very powerful, it’s literally like wearing a weapon, it’s so big and heavy and strong. And it just feels so satisfying to play. It also opened up a whole new way to write songs for me, and it’s been the most enjoyable songwriting process.

SEN:  What’s the essential item in your suitcase when you go on tour?

KN: My DM creepers, an American apparel full mesh body suit, I can wear under anything on stage, this black chiffon mini dress I always wear, mac ruby woo lipstick and black eyeliner.

SEN: Tell us about your experience filming Greetings from Tim Buckley.

KN: I lived in NY for about a month which was so much fun. We shot in Brooklyn in the original church where Jeff played the show we are telling the story of, where he was essentially discovered and things kicked off for him, a tribute show to his father. Some of the original promoters and musicians were in the movie and we performed a live music show to a live audience which made for a really unique experience. I loved all the hair and make-up team and crew and really got my head around what being in the movie world is actually like. Penn did such a great job at being Jeff, his voice and look was incredible. I loved shooting nights and living in NY and just being part of someone else’s vision. The director Dan was a dream too, so creative and had such a beautiful imagination. Very cool experience.

 SEN: Your album is called Girl Talk, so what are the three girliest things you own?

KN: This giant red prom style vintage dress that I bought for the OMYGOD video. A tiara with a plastic be-jewelled wand I bought on a ferry on tour. And my rookie Yearbook 1!

SEN: You recently travelled to Africa with Plan International, an organization that helps children in developing countries. What all did you end up doing out there?

KN: I travelled to a small community called Ho Ho about 5 hours from Accra. There was so much to take in on the journey there that it flew by and didn’t feel like a long journey at all. So many new sounds and sights etc., from wild baboons on the side of the road, to the ladies selling food from wooden structures they were carrying on their heads at the toll roads, to seeing the amount of heavy duty manual labour going on in the city, to coffins being sold on the side of the road, to the sugar cane fields and mountains, it was all so exciting to see! We met with a chief and the elders, a primary school and then a group called girls making media who were so SO inspiring. They were studying on a course, around the ages of 15-18 on how to change their community for the better, by learning about sexism, sexual assault, bullying, hygiene, other problems that they face every day. They interview people in the community about the troubles they face and then work on fixing the problems, it was amazing.

SEN: You seem very into fashion. What is your favorite on-stage outfit?

KN: It’s a blue polkadot mini dress with a large white collar, black tights, some shiny schoolish shoes from office and fishnet tights.

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