You’ve enjoyed free movies and TV shows on your Crackle app on the PlayStation3 and now there’s another way to find them. Introducing Crackle in the PlayStation Store!

The PlayStation Store has been your one stop shop for games, movies, TV shows, add-ons, themes and more, and now it brings you amazing free content. Starting today on your PlayStation3 system, you can discover all the amazing content Crackle has to offer right inside the PlayStation Store. With the convenience of Crackle now directly inside the PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to discover more movies, TV shows, and exclusive original series all for free. And while you are enjoying the free content, don’t forget to check out the latest Hollywood blockbusters, often available weeks before DVD and Blu-ray, the latest TV shows, often available the day after they air, and other bonus features and exclusive content inside the store.

Here’s how you’ll find new amazing free movies and TV shows:

  1. Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation3 device.
  2. Scroll down to the Movies section and/or TV Shows section.
  3. Scroll down to Crackle and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Crackle Comes to the PlayStation Store”


Mar 22, 2013

the entire Sony range of services should be integrated like this rather than being scattered, under different names and sites, for example the Reader store should just merge with the SEN Store, Video Unlimited should be under Crackle+ or something in that direction, and PlayMemories should be something like Playstation/SEN/Crackle Cloud, and finally you need 1 Name for all of these services that is easy to remember and not as long as The Sony Entertainment Network Store


Mar 22, 2013

This is a good 1st step.

Are you going to add subtitle/language options?
Is the integration coming to ps vita, sen’s website, and the upcoming android/ios app?
Is the integration coming to as well? I.e. click on buy/rent on a movie tv show and get directed to sen’s own site instead of itunes/amazon as is now?

These are questions that need answers!

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