The Music Unlimited service has been a key destination for the PlayStation gamer, featuring rich graphics, easy navigation and high quality audio as well as soundtracks like Gustavo Santaolalla’s The Last of Us and even a Game Music Channel. However, did you know that you can play music and games at the same time on PlayStation Vita? As a mobile device, the Music Unlimited application on PS Vita can cache playlists offline (up to 4,000 songs.) With that feature, the songs are stored and can be played in the background while jumping into games or other applications.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your Music Unlimited application on your device.

  3. Go to Playlists to choose which you’d like to set offline.
  4. OfflineVita1

  5. Tap the icon and choose Available Offline.
  6. OfflineVita2

  7. Playlist will show rotating arrows while downloading and a green checkmark when complete.
  8. Note: you must have a PS Vita memory card inserted.


  9. Go to Settings and select Use Offline-Only Mode
  10. OfflineVita4

  11. Start playing your favorite playlist and click the PlayStation button to return to the Home Screen to enjoy your other games and applications at the same time!
  12. OfflineVita5

    For more info, visit here: http://us.support.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/

2 Responses to “Did You Know? Listen to music while you play games on PlayStation Vita!”

Robin A Downs

Jul 4, 2013

It is good for me thank you


Aug 21, 2013

When can we listen to music and play my playstation 3 too?

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