You wanted it and now it’s officially live — offline playback and high quality audio streaming app are now available for everyone who listens to the Music Unlimited service on iPhone or iPod touch!

Similar to the Music Unlimited Android app, iOS users can now download individual albums and tracks, as well as any playlists they have created to their device and enjoy music even when a cellular or Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, or when they want to conserve battery life or curb data usage.  This version 1.3 1 app update will offer the ability to listen to your music in crystal clear 320kbps AAC high fidelity audio while streaming.

Check out the demo video for further details:

Now, you can start downloading the Music Unlimited App for free at the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or visit

Listening to music offline is simple:

  1. Select a playlist, song or album that you’d like to download.
  2. Tap the “Options” button on the right of the album, track or playlist you’d like to download
  3. Select “Download Album” from the pop up menu.
  4. Once you select the music for download, hit the all new “Menu” button on the top left of the app and you’ll see the “My Downloads” queue to check the progress of your downloading tracks.
  5. Once the tracks are finished downloading, set the “Offline Mode” switch to “ON” and you’ll immediately see the list of artists, albums, songs and playlists that are available for offline listening.

Follow these easy steps to activate HQ Audio*:

  1. Select the “Menu” button, and then select the “Settings” option.
  2. Select “ON” where you see “High Quality Audio HQ Streaming”.
  3. Once HQ Audio is activated, you’ll see an “HQ” badge next to the right of the track information when you play a song.

Share a comment with us on what you think about the great new features below!

*Please note that High Quality Streaming is not available for offline playback mode.

5 Responses to “New Release of Music Unlimited Service iOS and High Quality Audio App Now Available”

Marco Klobas

Jul 11, 2013

The HQ audio and offline playback are nice additions.

Unfortunately it’s still missing the iPad version and there’re two annoying bugs:

– The repeat button doesn’t work
– It’s impossible to fast/back-forward a song

Hope you’ll fix these bugs and release an iPad optimised version soon. They are honestly long overdue.


Jul 11, 2013

I think this is great, I was ready to let my subscription drop and not renew. Now I am at least considering keeping the service. Is there a restriction on the amount of devices I can use this with? Can you please fix the problems with desktop streaming now? Songs sometimes cut off or don’t play at all. (Same thing on PS3).

Marco Klobas

Jul 14, 2013

Sorry, it’s my fault. I complained in my first comment that the repeat button doesn’t work: that’s not true, it actually works.

Still waiting for the iPad version and the possibility to fast and back forward the songs.

Sorry again and keep improving your apps, SONY.

steven vega

Jul 17, 2013

I just started the “offline playback” today, I was on the train and was able to listen to my favorite songs that are downloaded from music unlimited. I can alternate from the music that I already have on ITunes and I can switch to Sony Music Unlimited with no problem, this is great!

Dan Frith

Aug 22, 2013

Hi, loving Music Unlimited BUT there is a BIG problem that no one seems to be mentioning!! If you download a compilation album the songs are downloaded in a completely different order!! The sequence of tracks when viewing the album whilst searching is correct however when downloaded it changes. Please fix this!!


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