This Sunday all bad things will come to an end. Walter White’s journey from cancer-stricken science teacher to villainous drug lord concludes as the iconic “Breaking Bad” series airs its final episode.

You’ll be able to watch the finale on the PlayStation Store starting early Monday morning but as we prepare emotionally for the finale we’re marking the occasion with our list of some of the series’ most groundbreaking and memorable episodes. Plus visit the 4K Video Unlimited Store and watch all episodes of Breaking Bad in 4K Ultra HD. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Breaking Bad Episodes:

1.      Pilot (1:1)

“My name is Walter Hartwell White.” That’s funny, I thought the H stood for Heisenberg.

2.      Gray Matter (1:5)

Jesse assumes the role of quality control while Walt makes a decision about his cancer treatment.

3.      Phoenix (2:12)

Bookended by a birth and a death this is the beginning of the end of Walt’s soul.

4.      One Minute (3:7)

Hank and Jesse collide as the walls close in around Walt.

5.      Fly (3:10)

Walt and Jesse stuck alone in the lab and it’s one of the series’ most compelling episodes.

6.      Salud (4:10)

Gus takes the spotlight and Jesse stands up for himself.

7.      Crawl Space (4:11)

“I am the danger…I’m the one who knocks.” Great line, great episode.

8.      Face Off (4:13)

“I won” Yeah, Walt, but not for long.

9.      Say My Name (5:7)

Well the title kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

10. Ozymandias (5:14)

We, like all of you, are still recovering from this episode.

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