In this week’s New Release Recap, explore Walter Mitty’s daydreams in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, take part in a dangerous Ride Along (with bonus gag reel) or question your relationships in Friends with Better Lives | Season 1. See the full list of new releases below!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: We all have those moments when we consider a life where the grass is always greener. Well, Walter Mitty takes his daydreams one step further in this charming adventure about an ordinary man who starts to question the status quo.


Ben Stiller stars and directs in James Thurber’s classic story about how one man won’t accept an ordinary life and decides he wants an extraordinary adventure. With SNL star Kristen Wiig co-starring, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Ride Along (with Bonus Gag Reel): Ice Cube is back and better than ever in this action-packed comedy. Don’t forget to stay tuned after the credits for a hilarious gag reel.


High school security guard Ben (Kevin Hart) joins the police academy in an attempt to convince hot-tempered (and massively intimidating) detective James (Ice Cube) that he is worthy of James’ sister. James puts him to a test: survive a ride-along and Ben just might deserve his future bride.

Friends with Better Lives | Season 1: Brooklyn Decker and James Van Der Beek star in this romantic comedy about a group of thirty-something friends who are questioning their own life choices and wondering if the others are better off.


These friends are all at different stages – some married, divorced, newly engaged or in new relationships. Andi and Bobby are happily married with kids; the newly single Will is living it up as a bachelor, but secretly misses his ex-wife; Jules and Lowell are deeply invested in their relationship; and Kate is enjoying her successful career but wonders if she’s missing out on a better relationship.

Bleach | Season 24 Returns!: Get ready for the next installment in the anime series based on the Japanese comic of the same name, written by Tite Kubo.


The Kageroza’s Reigai imposters attempt to take control of the Soul Society and it turns out that they are just as powerful as their Soul Reaper originals. Can Ichigo and the others train Nozomi in time to defeat the Kageroza?

Insidious: Chapter 2: Get ready to feel the chills in our 99 cent rental of the week! James Wan and Leigh Whannell join together to produce this creepy follow-up to their supernatural horror film. In fact, the film was so successful that it was made into a maze for 2013’s annual Halloween Horror Nights.


This sequel follows the haunted Lambert family as they search for a mysterious childhood secret that has left them disconnected from the real world and dangerously connected to the spirit world.

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