We have a great mixture of new releases available this week on Video Unlimited. See an epic demon battle in I, Frankenstein, watch Batman take on a new role in Son of Batman, and much more. See the full list of new releases below.

I, Frankenstein: Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Kevin Grevioux comes this present-day interpretation of one of the most famous horror stories of all time.


Set in a dystopian present, nearly two hundred years after Dr. Victor Frankenstein created the monster we learned to know and love, Adam (Aaron Eckhart) still roams the Earth. Adam finds himself in the middle of an epic battle between demons and gargoyles, only to discover that he holds the key to destroy humanity.

Son of Batman: In this adaptation of Grant Morrison’s comic series “Batman and Son,” the Dark Knight faces two major life-changing events: he has to save Gotham City from destruction while simultaneously raising a son.

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Batman’s son, Damian, was raised in secret by Ra’s al Ghul and the dangerous League of Assassins. After Deathstroke assassinates Ra’s al Ghul, Batman helps steer his son away from a criminal path as Damian seeks to take revenge.

The Monuments Men (plus Bonus Features): This true story, starring A-listers George Clooney and Matt Damon, follows one of the most famous treasure hunts in history.


A platoon of unlikely soldiers – including experts in various aspects of the art world – are pulled together and dubbed “The Monuments Men” as they travel across war-torn Europe to rescue artwork from Nazi thieves and return them to their rightful owners.

Son of God: Starring the acclaimed Portuguese actor, Diogo Morgada, comes this compelling story of Jesus’ life.


Using the visual effects of an action film and featuring emotional and powerful performances, this inspirational drama recounts the story of Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection.

Nobunaga The Fool | Season 1: This anime series, based on the larger The Fool franchise by creator Shōji Kawamori, stars an unlikely cast of characters: King Arthur, Jeanne d’Arc and even Leonardo da Vinci.


Jeanne d’Arc teams up with Leonardo da Vinci to travel to the East World in order to seek out Nobunaga Oda. Can Nobunaga help them with their quest?

Gravity: From the award winning director Alfonso Cuaron and starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, comes this breath-catching drama about the will to survive. If that isn’t enough, Gravity is also our 99-cent rental of the week!


Stuck inside a malfunctioning space shuttle, the brilliant engineer Dr. Ryan Stone and the veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski must depend on one another for survival. Can they make it back to Earth before they run out of oxygen?

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