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The latest Music Unlimited app updates available for PS4 and iOS now bring some great new features we’re sure you’ll love.

With the update Music Unlimited on PS4 now provides curated playlists, opening up a whole new way to discover great music, with hand-picked recommendations from artists, Music Unlimited’s editorial staff and other industry insiders.

The Playlists tab for PS4 offers great playlists that span everything from era and genre (like Old School Love Jams, Synth Pop and Motown Holiday Gems) to playlists picked by your favorite artists, to roundups of bands headlining major music festivals. New playlists post regularly so there’s always something fresh to check out.

Another big Music Unlimited update brings High Quality Audio support downloads on iPhone and iPod touch devices. Now when you download playlists, full albums or single tracks you’ll have the option to download in 320 kbps AAC. You’ll be able to play back your music in superb, audiophile quality — even when you’re not connected to a network.

Look for other great updates to the service coming soon!

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You already know that Music Unlimited is the best way to listen to the hottest new releases, create custom playlists and check out specially curated mixes. Now you can let your friends and family in on the excitement.

music unlimited gifting

Music Unlimited is offering three, six and 12-month subscription offers via GameStop.

It’s the perfect time to start thinking about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and even graduation. Remember: Giving the gift of music always beats socks.

Head on over to and click on the subscription plan that works for you:

The six-month and 12–month offers come with deep discounts, so even if you’re not in the gift-giving mood don’t miss out on some serious savings for yourself.


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January was a big month for Sony Entertainment Network. Take a look below and see how the Music Unlimited service continues to grow since the launch of the PlayStation 4, what songs and movies were most popular last month and what Oscar nominees you can already watch and listen to as you get ready for this year’s Academy Awards.

SEN newsletter pulse report january


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Cloud-Based Digital Music Subscription Service to Power Music Streaming for Leading Concert Discovery Application

Bandsintown and Sony Network Entertainment International today announced a partnership that will deliver fans better music and artist discovery. Through the partnership, the Music Unlimited service will be integrated directly into the Bandsintown application, enabling users of Bandsintown, the world’s largest concert discovery application with nine million application installs, to access millions of streaming songs within posts promoted by Bandsintown artists and shared by fans, email announcements, weekly updates, friend RSVP notifications, and more via Facebook, iOS and Android devices in 19 countries.

“Music Unlimited not only provides ad-free access to the latest hits but also enhances music discovery by elevating every genre, exposing Bandsintown music fans to new artists,” said Michael Aragon, vice president and general manager of global digital video and music services at Sony Network Entertainment International. “Our fast-growing global library of more than 25 million songs will complement Bandsintown’s expansive concert catalog, giving fans immediate access to local concert information and music they love.”

Bandsintown connects fans to their favorite music and delivers real-time notifications alerting them anytime their favorite artist’s tour or announce new shows nearby. Alternatively, Bandsintown users can glance at the entire list of artists playing in their area, select a track and sample new music through Music Unlimited and see a show of an artist they’ve never heard before.

“Bandsintown is all about making it easier for music lovers to not just be the first to find out when artists they love are coming near them, but to help them discover new music,” said Julien Mitelberg, CEO of Bandsintown. “Bandsintown already sends 25 percent of its fan base to concerts they had never heard about before. We want to boost that number even further by improving artist and music discovery right from the core of the application.”

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Z1S Hero Announcement 1.6.14With so many great features unveiled during the Xperia Z1S launch at CES in Las Vegas this week, we wanted to make certain that music fans didn’t miss the new Walkman app that has been recently updated for select Xperia models (including Xperia Z, Z Ultra, and Z1) across the United States.

The new app integrates your personal music files with Sony Entertainment Network’s digital streaming subscription service, Music Unlimited, which offers a global catalog of over 25 million songs.

You can search both local music and your Music Unlimited account library.  The new app offers access right from the home screen to Music Unlimited Premium, Genre, Era, and Mood channels, Playlists, and your personal Music Unlimited Library.  You can now also access New Releases, top Chart hits and Featured Playlists directly from the app.

The new Walkman app continues Sony’s legacy of high fidelity audio experiences. It provides the option of HQ Audio (320 kbps AAC) for your offline Music Unlimited content. You can find this switch under the “Music Unlimited” section of the Settings area.

The Walkman app also includes a unique ClearAudio+ mode, combining various Sony signal-processing technologies. Enjoy distinctive Sony sound quality with the push of a button.

Pull out your Xperia, get the new Walkman app, and check out the full high fidelity Sony audio experience!

Click here for more information.

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Earlier this year we told you about how you can use PayPal to add funds to your Sony Entertainment Network Wallet, and last month we mentioned you could now do it right through the PlayStation Store on PS3.

Well now we’ve got even more good news: Beginning today (December 17) through December 23, 2013, when you add $50 to your SEN Wallet using PayPal we’ll give you $10 bonus cash! You can use that extra cash to buy games, watch the latest hit movies or TV shows from Video Unlimited or listen to the hottest new music with a subscription to the Music Unlimited service.

After you add $50 to your SEN wallet using PayPal, you’ll get an email and/or XMB message 12-16 days after December 23, with a voucher code to claim your free $10 in SEN Wallet cash. Visit for details and then sit back and enjoy that extra $10 in your account.

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Sony Network Entertainment International today announced that Video Unlimited, the company’s premium digital streaming video service, is now live on PlayStation®4 systems (PS4™).

The Video Unlimited service, available through the PlayStation®Store on PS4, offers a vast library of titles including first run blockbusters, catalog classics, and hit TV shows from major and many independent studios.

“As we’ve seen on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita systems, PlayStation fans love all forms of digital entertainment, whether it’s a blockbuster game or the latest Hollywood movie,” said Michael Aragon, Vice President and General Manager of Global Digital Video and Music Services at Sony Network Entertainment International. “Video Unlimited brings gamers all of the great video content they expect and delivers a totally new and fun experience on PS4™.”Rented and purchased movies and purchased TV episodes on the Video Unlimited service through the PS Store stream directly to PS4 and are available for access in the user’s library.  Movies and TV episodes are available on the service in 1080p high definition or standard definition.

In addition to accessing video content through the PS Store, users can also access the Video Unlimited service in PS4’s “What’s New” area, providing one-click access to recently watched titles and other content that their friends have recently purchased, watched or rated.  When users select the Video Unlimited app, they can also access their purchased and rented content and can get specific details on that content, including rental status and viewing progress.

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Sony Network Entertainment International today announced that Music Unlimited, the company’s cloud-based digital music subscription service, is now live on PlayStation®4 (PS4™).

The Music Unlimited service on PS4 features a completely redesigned user interface specifically enhanced for PS4. It is faster, simple to use, and lets gamers create their own soundtracks to their favorite games from Music Unlimited’s global library 22 million songs1.

The service enables playback of music in the background while gaming, as well as easy discovery of new songs and artists. Users can control music playback on the fly without completely exiting games or other apps by pressing and holding the “PS” button on the DUALSHOCK®4 controller. A pop-up menu offers controls to toggle play or pause, skip tracks, seek to a location within a song, and adjust volume.

“Music Unlimited is seamlessly integrated with PS4 at the system level, delivering quick access to music, fast navigation and powerful discovery,” said Michael Aragon, Vice President and General Manager of Global Digital Video and Music Services at Sony Network Entertainment International. “By far the biggest request from our core gamers was in-game music playback, and now they can create playlists tailored to their style of gameplay.”

Available in 19 countries around the world, the Music Unlimited service offers on-demand access to an ever-expanding global catalog of over 22 million licensed tracks1 from all major and many leading independent labels across an array of devices including PS4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Android™ smartphones and tablets, iPhone®, PCs, and many more.

Through the Premium ($9.99)2 and Access ($4.99) 3 monthly subscription plans, the Music Unlimited service allows customers to enjoy a unified digital music experience across multiple devices in the home and on the go. Whether customers enjoy music from their personal playlists, channels based on their favorite artists, or pre-programmed channels based on era or genre, users’ favorite music follows them to any destination without the hassle of syncing or signing into multiple accounts.

The Music Unlimited Service Features:

  • A cloud-based streaming service with no digital files, so there is no need to sync a device.  Customers can access music anywhere, anytime on PlayStation 4 (PS4™), PlayStation 3 (PS3™), PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), any PC (Windows or Mac OS), any Android mobile device including Sony Xperia™ smartphones and tablets, Apple’s iPhone and iPod® touch, Sony BRAVIA® HDTVs, and Blu-ray Disc™ devices.
  • An always-growing global library of over 22 million licensed tracks including all the major U.S. labels and many independent and local labels, so users enjoy the latest hits, local favorites, and timeless classics.
  • Easy management and discovery across all compatible devices with hand-selected music channels and the ability to build personal playlists and add playlists based on favorite artists.
  • Offline playback, so music is always available even if a network isn’t4. With the offline playback feature for iPhone, iPod touch, Android smartphone and tablets, and PS Vita, customers can listen to select songs added to offline playlists when not online, so they’re never caught without their favorite music.
  • No ads and no unwanted songs.  Music lovers will never be interrupted by advertisements and they can skip songs as often as they like.

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After months of anticipation, we’re just a week away from the launch of PlayStation 4 in the United States and Canada. Starting at midnight on November 15th, you’ll be able to see for yourself what the future of gaming and entertainment looks like.

The network now expands across a wide array of digital entertainment including incredible multi-player gameplay, availability of full games day and date, streaming movies and TV shows, and a premium cloud-based music service. We are excited to provide those of you in the US and Canada with a special promotional voucher in every PS4 box.

Visit the PlayStation Blog to learn more about the deals that can be activated with the voucher.


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Starting today, we’re happy to announce that you can add funds to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet via PayPal directly through the PlayStation Store on PS3.


In our ongoing effort to offer more choice and convenience, we first launched the ability to add funds to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet through PayPal via the web last January, and, most recently, the ability to add funds to your wallet via mobile devices with the Mobile Billing option.

For more visit the PlayStation Blog here.

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