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One of the most in-demand producers on the planet, David Guetta brings you an exclusive selection of his favorite dance tunes. Check out his Music Unlimited artist playlist, which includes tracks by Avicii, Bastille, John Newman, Natural Born Chillers and Calvin Harris. It’s available right here.


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is a Danish electro-pop singer-songwriter who recently released her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow. She also created an exclusive playlist of her favorite songs for Music Unlimited. Listen here.


MØ is not only an amazing electropop singer and performer, she used to be a fanatical gamer too. Growing up in Denmark she spent hours playing games on her brother’s computer. The one she remembers most vividly was called Diablo. “It was all about strategic fantasy shooting, role playing and magic. It was like World of Warcraft but in the ‘90s. I used to fight with a bow-carrying Amazonian girl — all the other characters were boys.”

Born Karen Marie Ørsted, MØ has a real life thing for tough, independent women. If she could create a fantasy character, the 25-year-old performer says, it would be an extreme fighting, kickboxing girl. “She will have robot body parts and she will fight with crazy moves and weird sound effects,” MØ says.


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DanManganFieldTripLast month, the Music Unlimited service celebrated alongside Arts & Crafts, the iconic Toronto-based record label, for their 10th anniversary festival Field Trip Music & Arts Festival. The fest featured performances from their marquee artists, including Dan Mangan.

As the festival’s surprise late addition, the acclaimed singer/songwriter re-emerged from a short touring break after the birth of his first son. However, as a staple of the Arts & Crafts roster, it’s hard to imagine the festival without him. With two JUNO Awards under his belt, he’s established himself not only in the music community, but as a voice for Canada as a writer for Huffington Post Canada. Articulate and personable, Mangan has connected in a big way with his fans not only in Canada but internationally, sharing the stage with The Decemberists, The Walkmen, Metric and more. He even performed for Prince William and Kate Middleton at the 2011 Canada Day celebration in Ottowa (yes, really!)

Watch him talk about the new addition to his family, upcoming musical endeavors and more in the video below. Then, re-visit his catalog on the Music Unlimited service.

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DarcysFieldTripLast month, the Music Unlimited service celebrated alongside Arts & Crafts the iconic Toronto-based record label, for their 10th anniversary festival Field Trip Music & Arts Festival. The fest featured performances from their marquee artists, including The Darcys.

As a relatively new addition to the Arts & Crafts family, the band had an impressive start with the their self-titled debut album released in 2011. They stuck their neck out from the get-go, shattering any questions of doubt by announcing at the time of The Darcys release that two more albums were to come. They quickly fulfilled with an ambitious and haunting full-album interpretation of Steely Dan’s AJA. They are currently preparing to release the final of the three, Warring, on September 17th, their first album fully recorded in Toronto. Hear them talk more about Warring in the interview below, then listen to them on the Music Unlimited service.

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StarsFieldTripLast month, the Music Unlimited service celebrated alongside Arts & Crafts, the iconic Toronto-based record label, for their 10th anniversary festival Field Trip Music & Arts Festival. The fest featured performances from their marquee artists, including the band Stars. Formed in the late 90’s, Stars quickly became a critically-acclaimed, award-winning group, catching ears with the albums Nightsongs & Heart, then later receiving gold-selling status after releasing Set Yourself on Fire in 2004.

Their latest release The North was followed with performances at Coachella and later Field Trip, where we caught up with Torquill Campbell & Amy Millian to talk about the fun of festivals, Arts & Crafts impact on the Toronto community and their plans for the rest of the year. Watch below, then listen to them on the Music Unlimited service.

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During SXSW, we had the chance to host Kevin Lester during the Music Unlimited Presents Showcase in Austin, TX. Fans packed into Sony City on the rooftop of Hangar Lounge as he kicked off the night. The Singaporean rapper is preparing for his international debut with Everything You Love You Hate on 4/9, featuring the single “Hear Me Go.” In speaking to personal life and experiences in his home country, he hopes to resonate with fans who appreciate his authentic sound and message. Read more about Kevin Lester (aka The Lion City Boy) in our Sony City Spotlight.

Watch the video below, where he talks about his upcoming album, how his represents Singapore and just how many hours he spent getting to Austin (hint: A LOT.)

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Blue Sky Riders is the exciting new project led by the iconic Kenny Loggins and two of Country music’s top songwriters. Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr have penned songs for Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney and Wynonna Judd (to name a few). The songwriting trio’s debut album, Finally Home, is full of the great songs, great harmonies and great musicianship. With a pedigree like theirs, it’s not surprising that they have already played the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and appeared at the Grand Ol Opry. The group recently met with Music Unlimited to talk about their partnership, the Finally Home record and some of their favorite new music. Check out the video and their upcoming tour dates, including a stop at Stagecoach Country Music Festival next month.

Blue Sky Riders Tour Dates

04/18/13 Bend, OR Tower Theatre
04/19/13 Mill Valley, CA Sweetwater Music Hall
04/21/13 Santa Cruz, CA Rio Theatre
04/24/13 Los Angeles, CA The GRAMMY Museum
04/26/13 Agoura Hills, CA The Canyon Club
04/27/13 Pioneertown, CA Pappy & Harriet’s
04/28/13 Indio, CA Stagecoach Festival 2013
07/18/13 Aspen, CO Belly Up Aspen
07/20/13 Beaver Creek, CO Vilar Performing Arts Center

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Last week, we had the chance to host Joey Bada$$ during the Music Unlimited Presents showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX. Fans packed into Sony City on the rooftop of Hangar Lounge, celebrating the Brooklyn-based Hip-hop prodigy. This was the start to The Beast Coastal Tour, featuring his collective Pro Era, which kicks-off officially tonight in Portland, OR and winds around North America through April. Read more about Joey Bada$$ in our Sony City Spotlight.

We talked to Joey about the tour, Pro Era and staying in school while launching his career. Check out the video along with The Beast Coastal tour dates below.

The Beast Coastal Tour

3/22 Portland, OR Peter’s Room
3/23 Whistler, BC Garfinkel’s
3/24 Vancouver Vogue Theatre
3/25 Seattle, WA Neumos
3/27 Reno, NV The Alley
3/28 San Francisco, CA Slim’s
3/29 San Diego, CA Porter’s Pub
3/30 Santa Barbara, CA Velvet Jones
3/31 San Bernardino, CA Nos Center
4/3 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place
4/4 Boston, MA Middle East
4/5 Providence, RI PVD Social Club
4/6 Montreal Underworld
4/7 Ottawa Ritual Nightclub
4/8 Hamilton Spasso Event Center
4/10 Pontiac, MI Crofoot
4/11 Oxford, OH Brick Street
4/12 Chicago, IL Reggie’s
4/13 Madison, WI University of Madison
4/14 Bloomington, IL The Castle Theater
4/15 Columbia, MO The Blue Note
4/17 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
4/18 Baltimore, MD Soundstage
4/21 New York, NY Gramercy


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English singer Kate Nash has been on a whirlwind since the release of her UK platinum-selling debut album, Made of Bricks in 2007. Yesterday, Nash released her third album, Girl Talk, featuring the single, “3AM.” She is currently in the midst of a North American east coast tour, wrapping up at the end of March to head back to the UK for April and returning in May for west coast dates. See the full list of shows here.

We got a chance to catch up with Kate Nash and ask her questions about her new album, essential tour items, philanthropy in Africa and her experience on the set of the upcoming Jeff Buckley bio-pic (starring Penn Badgley), Greetings from Tim Buckley.

Sony Entertainment Network: Now that you’re on your third album, what lessons have you learned from the other two?

Kate Nash: I’ve learnt a lot from touring and being in studios so much over the course of the last 6 going on 7 years now. I also produced a band called Supercute’s record in 2011, that totally educated on every aspect of making a record too, as I was responsible for someone else’s art and vision it made me focus on every single tiny detail and I think I was able to carry that over to this third album too. I think this record is so gut and emotionally led though that the actual songwriting process was fairy thoughtless. I just puked my emotions out and then thought about it afterwards. I guess I’ve learnt not to wait on other people too, sometimes you know what’s right and you just have to trust that and go with it. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have made this record and I would probably be in a mental health clinic freaking out right now. Music is my therapy and I need it to survive. I have also realized that there are always other options and that you have to take a lot of the emotion out of the business side of things and put yourself first. 

SEN: You are able to play several instruments, which is your favorite and why?


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Last month, DmC: Devil May Cry hit the PlayStation® Store, the 5th installment and official “reboot” of the popular series started in 2001. Originally a spin-off of the Resident Evil series, the game took a life of its own, including its own unique sound.

Dutch electronica band NOISIΛ created a whopping original 36 songs for the soundtrack, no small feat, but one easily met by this accomplished group that has dabbled in drum & bass, techstep, remixes and house music. We had the chance to ask Martin van Sonderen, Nik Roos and Thijs de Vlieger a few questions about making the album, their record labels and what to expect from them in 2013.

Sony Entertainment Network: How did you get involved with Devil May Cry?
NOISIΛ: Someone at Ninja Theory had heard our debut album ‘Split the Atom’ in 2010 and thought it could work in this game they were working on. They approached us, we did a pitch and both them and Capcom approved.

SEN: Did you do anything deliberate that you want the folks playing Devil May Cry to notice?
NOISIΛ: Everything we did was created to fit the game, but we have obviously put some sounds and rhythms in that you may not hear in games very often. It is also hard to tell how the music will sound in-game, since we make it in a studio at a level we appreciate. It is mixed in the game in a later stage, so some things will be standing out more than others, depending on what the game needs.

SEN: You also created music for Motorstorm: Apocalypse a couple of years ago. Was there anything you learned from that which you applied to Devil May Cry?
NOISIΛ: For Motorstorm we did not write original music, but did remixes/reinterpretations of pieces composed by Klaus Badelt. This was a completely different approach, but what we did learn from it was that we could/had to approach game music differently from how we generally write and produce.

SEN: Do you change any of your recording style/practices while creating music for a game?
NOISIΛ: Yes, we still use the same gear, but we focus more on the images and briefs that we get compared to the more dancefloor/listening stuff that we generally make. Our Noisia tracks have to stand on their own and in most cases work in a club. We really did go back and forth with the audio director as well. Normally we don’t have to answer to a third party.

SEN: What are your favorite video games?
Nik: Unreal Tournament (1999 version of course, went downhill tragically from there)
Martijn: Call of Duty
Thijs: FIFA

SEN: How do you look at music differently as artists yourselves vs. the artists on your labels?
NOISIΛ: We believe it is essential for our labels to have ourselves doing A&R. We do not just want to put out music because it is popular, but because we think the world needs to hear it.

SEN: What can we expect in 2013 for Noisia?
NOISIΛ: We hope to start working in our freshly built studios soon! We’re currently working on an album with Foreign Beggars. We haven’t decided on the final name of the project or album, but it will feature an eclectic selection of genres. Also, we are releasing an album by The Upbeats on our label Vision Recordings. This album will be mainly drum and bass. And our second label Division Recordings will see the release of Neosignal’s debut album, which is more future disco bass funk madness. Fellow Groninger Posij will keep releasing on Division this year as well and so are a range of artists on our Invisible label.

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