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Sony Entertainment Network features millions of songs on the Music Unlimited service and tens of thousands of movies and TV shows on the Video Unlimited service. But something has to be the most popular, right?

We looked back at 2013 and pulled out the most streamed music and most downloaded video on Sony Entertainment Network. What did we find? That you all love Macklemore, Eminem, zombies, super heroes and more. Take a look at our top charts from last year as you ease into 2014.

SEN YIR 2013 v2

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Z1S Hero Announcement 1.6.14With so many great features unveiled during the Xperia Z1S launch at CES in Las Vegas this week, we wanted to make certain that music fans didn’t miss the new Walkman app that has been recently updated for select Xperia models (including Xperia Z, Z Ultra, and Z1) across the United States.

The new app integrates your personal music files with Sony Entertainment Network’s digital streaming subscription service, Music Unlimited, which offers a global catalog of over 25 million songs.

You can search both local music and your Music Unlimited account library.  The new app offers access right from the home screen to Music Unlimited Premium, Genre, Era, and Mood channels, Playlists, and your personal Music Unlimited Library.  You can now also access New Releases, top Chart hits and Featured Playlists directly from the app.

The new Walkman app continues Sony’s legacy of high fidelity audio experiences. It provides the option of HQ Audio (320 kbps AAC) for your offline Music Unlimited content. You can find this switch under the “Music Unlimited” section of the Settings area.

The Walkman app also includes a unique ClearAudio+ mode, combining various Sony signal-processing technologies. Enjoy distinctive Sony sound quality with the push of a button.

Pull out your Xperia, get the new Walkman app, and check out the full high fidelity Sony audio experience!

Click here for more information.

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live viewer 1024 keynoteThe Consumer Electronics Show is only days away and the teams at Sony (and Sony Entertainment Network) are busy getting ready. We don’t want you to miss a single moment of the event so make sure to check yesterday’s post about how you can keep tabs on all that’s going on during CES 2014. This includes being able to watch the keynote from Sony President Kaz Hirai on Tuesday with the Live Events Viewer App on your PlayStation 3.

The keynote will begin Tuesday, January 7th, at 9 AM Pacific/ 12 PM Eastern. Here’s how to watch:

  • Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 3.
  • Scroll down to the Apps section and find Live Events Viewer for download.
  • Once the Live Events Viewer is downloaded, find it on the XMB under TV/Video Services.
  • Log on with your PSN or Sony Entertainment Network username and password.
  • Then you’re ready to watch Sony President Kaz Harai’s keynote at CES, plus any future live events on the Live Events Viewer.

Delivered straight to your living room on your PlayStation 3 system, Live Events Viewer allows you to watch exciting live content or catch up with on-demand viewing such as concerts, races, and more all with no subscription and no commitments.

Make sure to check back here on the Sony Entertainment Network Blog for more updates on Sony’s activities at CES 2014.

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It’s early January and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for CES. Once again the tech world will descend on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, where the latest and greatest in technology for home, business, car and everything else will be on display.


Sony, including Sony Entertainment Network, will be a big part of what’s going on at CES. If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, that’s alright because we, along with our friends  at Sony Electronics and Sony Mobilewill be bringing the best of the show to you. Here’s how to stay in touch:

  • The CES hub on will be bringing together videos, photos, blog posts and other updates straight from the show floor. Bookmark that and check back often for the best of what’s happening.
  • Tune in to #SonyCES on Twitter and Instagram for photos and updates not just from our Sony partners but also from fans and media as they check out what’s being shown off at the Sony booth.

Check back here Monday for more details on Sony Entertainment Network live and don’t miss a single piece of news. Be sure to watch throughout the week as we share photos, reveal exciting announcements and updates on Twitter and Facebook throughout our week at CES 2014!

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We’re rounding up some of the great new Featured Playlists you can find on the Music Unlimited web app, tailored for many different occasions. Check out our special Best of 2013-themed collection below!

The biggest names in the game also released some of the best records of the year. Find these heavy hitters and much more in our 2013 hip-hop mix. Featuring Drake, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West and more.

Pop and R&B
Ubiquitous, undeniable hits and hook-heavy gems make up our picks for the Best Pop and R&B of 2013. Featuring Lorde, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and more.

Metal & Hard Rock
All hail the guitar in 2013! Big riffs, legends and new axe-wielding heroes dominate our list of the best rock and metal of 2013. Featuring Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Avenged Sevenfold and more.


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My favorite feature on PS4 is Listen+Play, which lets me create playlists in Music Unlimited and then listen while playing games.

Music is important to how you feel when you’re playing. You need the emotional highs of screaming metal guitars but you need calming lows, and sometimes you just want the right background. I made an upbeat, jangly-guitar one for Knack, a jazzy noir one for Contrast, and a gorgeous, melancholic classical one for Flower..

Before I made my playlists I tried some “lean back” listening with Music Unlimited’s streaming channels and curated playlists. Then I created my own channel, which is a great alternative to playlists when you don’t have time to make the perfect soundtrack. You get a selection of music without having to choose, and you discover a lot of new music:

  1. Sign in to Music Unlimited and go to Channels
  2. Select Create new Channel
  3. Type an artist name
  4. Music Unlimited will create a channel based on the artist you chose


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RedFang_FBEarlier this fall, Portland-based heavy metal band Red Fang released their third album, Whales & Leeches, another raucous set of songs akin to Mastodon, High on Fire, Pelican and more. To continue their celebration, they’ve sent Music Unlimited an exclusive version of the album that includes track-by-track commentary about each song, available now here.

While heavy metal can sometimes been pigeon-holed as angry and aggressive, this commentary version shows the hilarious side of a band who has gained notoriety for just that. They even have a brand new video featuring themselves and SNL’s Fred Armesin fighting beer-drinking (not brain-eating) zombies (Save the beer!) They do give thoughtful insight into the songs, but they also lighten things up by sparring with each other and often returning to talking about sandwiches . . . multiple times.

The band wrapped up a North American tour not long ago & will be playing their hometown right after Christmas. Next year, they will be spending most of the winter and early spring in and around Europe, the Netherlands, Russia & more. Check out the full list of dates here.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive, personal look into this relentlessly high-energy album!

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We’re rounding up some of the great new Featured Playlists you can find on the Music Unlimited web app, tailored for many different occasions. Check out our special Holiday-themed collection below!

Kelly Clarkson Holiday Picks
Hear favorite holiday songs hand-picked by the pop star, including her own take on classic seasonal tunes from her new album, Wrapped in Red.

Xmas Rapping
We don’t know exactly why rappers avoid the Holidays but we had to do a lot of digging to come up with these hip-hop Christmas tracks. Ironic, since during the birth of rap Kurtis Blow, The Sugarhill Gang and (especially) Run-DMC put out solid Xmas tunes. Kanye delivers as usual and Ghostface, of all rappers, lays down real, from-the-heart rhymes.

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Every year, we’ve brought you a collection of the best, most played and critically acclaimed music of the year as we did this year with our Best of 2013 Channel and upcoming genre-based playlists. This week, the Music Unlimited has highlighted some of their favorites so you can get a personalized perspective on some of the greatest music from 2013. Here’s the last of them! Enjoy!

Best of 2013: Jon Pruett, International Curator

KurtVile_JonIn a year when so many songs and artists clamor to be the first to hit you over the head with a hook, Kurt Vile stands out for his willingness to amble along at his own pace. Most of Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze sounds impervious to the surroundings of the modern world. It’s a warm and insular record that starts with the 9-minute-plus title track, a curious mix classic rock dynamics and underground hominess. His lazy drawl is some kind of mixture of Iggy Pop and J. Mascis while his layered guitars pile on the sweet melodies. He gives off an aura like an extra on the set of Dazed and Confused but his songwriting and disarming sweetness also show off an intelligence and depth that goes beyond 2D characterizations. He’s a full-bore rock dude, a long-haired Philly poet, and his album was a clear-eyed favorite of 2013.

If the songs on the rest of this mix have any thread running through them, it’s that of a singular vision. William Onyeabor made records that no one even heard for nearly two decades, and they are some of the most alive and colorful recordings you’ll ever hear. Plugging away at his synths, fusing African rhythms to Herbie Hancock-style funk, there is nothing like him. Bob Dylan too, has few peers, and the unreleased sessions for his most divisive album find that the muse so often thought lost during this period of his life was willfully disguised. Disparate artists Wolf Eyes and Danny Brown completely inhabit their own corners of the world, and end up making music that defies any categorization and sounds like the vital pulse of some unknown creature.

Pop songs, guitars, reissues and an album that might make you realize it’s actually possible to reinvent guitar playing (courtesy of Bill Orcutt) also make appearances. Tracks from Daft Punk and the Sly Stone box are dropped in as a reminder that even at the top levels of success, it’s still possible to create music that pushes forward, looks back, and, in the eternally relevant words of Curtis Mayfield, keeps on keepin’ on.

Listen to Jon’s full Top 30 Tracks Playlist here.

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Every year, we’ve brought you a collection of the best, most played and critically acclaimed music of the year as we did this year with our Best of 2013 Channel and upcoming genre-based playlists. This week, the Music Unlimited staff will highlight some of their favorites so you can get a personalized perspective on some of the greatest music from 2013. Enjoy!

Best of 2013: Jeff Safran, Marketing Manager

1. Jake BuggJake Bugg

Being labeled the next Dylan is quite a stigma, but there are songs on Bugg’s debut, (“Simple As This”), that evoke 60′s folk and carry the same lyrical depth as the living legend. Tracks like “Two Fingers” are equally adept at channeling the best of Noel Gallagher and Oasis. Unmistakably working class British in a Paul Weller kind of way, and a great guitar player to boot, Jake Bugg is this year’s most exciting new talent. He’s already released a follow-up album, Shangri La, which is also very, very good.

2. Queens of the Stone Age – … Like Clockwork

They are the Radiohead of hard rock, constantly pushing boundaries and eschewing their “stoner rock” label without alienating their core audience. …Like Clockwork is distinctly different than anything the band has ever made, yet sounds unmistakably like a Queen’s record. Not an easy task. “Kalopsia” is great example and features a guest appearance from Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys.


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