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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: The first trailer for the conclusion of the trilogy strikes a somber tone as it warns of war and destruction on the horizon.

But first catch up on the first two chapters: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Mad Max: Fury Road: This Comic-Con First Look doesn’t show much of the story of the movie but it certainly shows it will be dusty and violent.

Before you see the prequel, watch the originals: Mad Max, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Fifty Shades of Grey: The best-selling book finally comes to the big screen with fetishes intact.

These other movies will push the boundaries as well: Secretary, 9 ½ Weeks

Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Three of the four friends from the first movie are back but they find that their actions in the past have lead to some unintended consequences.

Don’t miss the original: Hot Tub Time Machine

Tusk: Justin Long’s traveling amateur journalist is trapped by a mysterious old man who has some weird ideas about humans, animals and where they should intersect.

Kevin Smith stretches beyond Clerks in these movies: Red State, Cop Out

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Katniss and the others prepare for war against the government in this first actual teaser for the latest installment of The Hunger Games series.

Catch Katniss’ exploits to date: The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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Laggies: Keira Knightly plays a woman having issues with moving into adulthood who befriends – and moves in with – a high schooler played by Chloe Grace Moretz.

The characters in these movies just refuse to grow up: Failure to Launch, Jeff Who Lives At Home

The One I Love: Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss play a struggling couple who embark on some form of relationship therapy that looks like it might get a little weird.

Get some couples counseling with these movies: Couples Retreat, Date Night

Annabelle: A prequel to The Conjuring, this movie is about what the creepy doll from that movie was up to before those events.

Get some scares tonight by watching The Conjuring.

The Imitation Game: Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, the man who leads the effort to break the Nazi codes during World War II.

Break the code with these great movies: Sneakers, The Da Vinci Code

Predestination: Ethan Hawke plays a time-traveling cop who recruits a new agent whose powers may prove key to solving a massive mystery.

Time jump to solve crimes in these movies: Timecop, Source Code

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Unbroken: The true story of a man who trained as an Olympic athlete, and proved he was tougher than anyone else when he became a prisoner of war in World War II.

These other WWII true stories will inspire you too: Band of Brothers, The Pianist

Wild: Reese Witherspoon strikes out on an epic walk of spiritual awakening after her personal life falls apart.

These movies will take you into the wild: Into the Wild, 127 Hours


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St. Vincent: Bill Murray takes a break from crashing bachelor parties to play a misanthrope who winds up forming a friendship with the son of a woman, played by Melissa McCarthy, who moves in next door.

Enjoy more of Murray’s late-career roles here: The Royal Tennenbaums, Hyde Park on the Hudson

Horrible Bosses 2: The whole gang is back and ready to get into more trouble as they try and pull off yet another crime they’re unsuited for.

This isn’t the first time these stars have gotten together: Horrible Bosses, Going The Distance

Jimi: All Is By My Side: Andre 3000 plays the rock guitar legend in this biopic of the star’s rise to fame.

Enjoy more biopics of some musical royalty: Notorious, Ray

Gone Girl: Ben Affleck is the most hated man in America in this second trailer, which shows much more of the story for this crime drama.

The men in these movies didn’t kill their wives either…we think: The Fugitive, Breakdown

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Fury: Brad Pitt is the leader of a tank squad in World War II who will do anything to protect the men under his command.

Also from director David Ayer: End of Watch, Training Day

Dracula Untold: Go back to the origins of the world’s most famous vampire as he earns his bloody reputation and embraces his destiny.

These movies will go bump in the night: Van Helsing, I, Frankenstein

Life After Beth: When a young woman comes back from the dead it’s a miracle, until she slowly gives in to her zombie tendencies. But is that an obstacle to for her boyfriend?

Enjoy these unusual zombie movies: Warm Bodies, Idle Hands

The Skeleton Twins: Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader are estranged twins who are both going through a rough patch but who come back to support each other.

Get more stories of dysfunctional siblings here: The Savages, Margot at the Wedding

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: We see a couple, played by Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, fall in love but then fall apart.

Romance sometimes fails, as these movies show: Blue Valentine, Little Children

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The Judge: Robert Downey Jr. plays a lawyer who returns home when his mother dies and has to confront his estranged father, even as he defends him from a murder charge.

For more legal drama, watch these great movies: The Chamber, A Few Good Men

The Wedding Ringer: Josh Gad needs a best man for his wedding and turns to a freelancer, played by Kevin Hart, who serves as one professionally.

Weddings serve as the backdrop for these comedies too: Wedding Crashers, Bridesmaids


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The Interview: James Franco and Seth Rogen are a couple of idiot members of the entertainment press who travel to North Korea and get involved in some espionage hijinks.

Rogen and Franco bring the laughs in these movies too: This is The EndPineapple Express

Birdman: Michael Keaton plays a struggling actor, who’s frustrated in his attempts to mount a comeback after once being best known for playing a super hero.

Actors try to rediscover the spark in these movies as well: Galaxy QuestTropic Thunder

The Penguins of Madagascar: The fan-favorite aquatic birds from the Madagascar series of films get their own movie, and some help on their mission from a group of elite animals.

Get your fill of talking animals here: MadagascarMadagascar 2

No Good Deed: Idris Elba plays a violent criminal who escapes from a prison transfer, and threatens a woman and her young daughter when he takes them prisoner in her own home.

These chilling movies about home invasions will set your nerves on edge: Funny GamesStraw Dogs

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For: This second trailer gives us an even better look at the noir sequel and the violence, passion and more violence that’s in store.

Get more of Frank Miller’s unique vision in these movies: Sin City300

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Dumb and Dumber To: Harry and Lloyd are back and while everyone may be a bit older, they’re obviously not any smarter.

The Farrelly Brothers bring the laughs here: Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary

Hercules: The second trailer features more epic action, more lion-punching, more huge monsters and more of just about everything.

Get your fill of swords and sandals with these movies: 300: Rise of an Empire, Conan the Barbarian

Are You Here: Owen Wilson goes on a road trip when his friend, played by Zach Galifianakis, finds out his dad has passed away.

Family tragedy is played for comedy in these movies: Death At A Funeral, National Lampoon’s Vacation

Beneath: A group of coal miners are trapped underground and the situation gets more intense – and weird – the longer they’re stuck in the mine.

If you’re claustrophobic, best avoid these flicks: Buried, The Descent

Best Of Me: Another Nicholas Sparks novel gets adapted, this time about two high school sweethearts who are reunited 20 years later and find the chemistry is still there.

Get your fill of Nicholas Sparks romance right here: The Notebook, Safe Haven

The November Man: Pierce Brosnan is an aging spy with a personal vendetta to settle in this action thriller.

These guys are getting too old for this: 3 Days To Kill, Taken

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Kill the Messenger: Jeremy Renner plays a journalist who uncovers a connection between the U.S. government and major drug cartels, but is hunted for his discoveries.

The government does like secrets, as these movies show: JFK, All The President’s Men

Very Good Girls: Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning play best friends whose lives and friendship become complicated when they fall for the same guy the summer before they leave for college.

Enjoy these other great coming-of-age stories: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Spectacular Now


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This Is Where I Leave You: Jason Bateman and Tina Fey headline an all-star cast in this story about a group of siblings coming home for their father’s funeral.

Watch more from the movie’s stars here: Horrible Bosses, Admission

Life of Crime: A husband’s plan to get rid of his wife becomes awkward when she’s kidnapped and held for ransom, leading to all sorts of insane situations.

These other movies are also based on stories by the great Elmore Leonard: Jackie Brown, Elmore Leonard

Magic in the Moonlight: In the latest from director Woody Allen, Emma Stone plays a spiritualist in the 1930s, while Colin Firth is a skeptic out to disprove her abilities.

Get more of Woody Allen here: Midnight in Paris, Blue Jasmine

Kingsman: The Secret Service: Based on the hit comic series, Colin Firth plays a veteran spy who grooms a young protégé.

These spies certainly aren’t Bond, but they are pretty funny: Spies Like Us, Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

Big Hero 6: Take your first look at the animated super hero movie coming from Disney and Marvel next year.

Enjoy these other must-watch movies: The Iron Giant, Monsters Inc

Happy Christmas: When an irresponsible young woman comes to live with her brother and his family, things get tense quickly.

Watch these other movies from director Joe Swanberg: Drinking Buddies, All The Lights In the Sky

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