Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • Trey Songz, the hip-hop heartthrob, delivers his sixth studio album, Trigga, with guest spots from Nikki Minaj and Mila J.
  • Following his “Blurred Lines” fame, blue-eyed R&B crooner Robin Thicke attempts to win back his estranged wife Paula Patton with his latest album, called – what else? – Paula.
  • Magic!, the four piece Canadian band behind the runaway summer hit “Rude,” offers a full length album spilling over with faux reggae jams.

Trey Songz / Trigga (Deluxe) 
Robin Thicke / Paula
Magic! / Don’t Kill the Magic 
Every Time I Die / From Parts Unknown
Ramin Djawadi / Game of Thrones: Season 4 (Music from the HBO® Series)
Various Artists / Legends of Oz: Dorothy Returns
Corb Lund / Counterfeit Blues
Seether / Isolate And Medicate (Deluxe Edition)
A Sunny Day In Glasgow / Sea When Absent
Turn To Crime / Can’t Love
NONONO / We Are Only What We Feel
Emperor X / The Orlando Sentinel
Air Dubai / Be Calm
Matthewdavid / In My World 
Sadistik / Ultraviolet
Circulatory System / Mosaics Within Mosaics


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Fury: Brad Pitt is the leader of a tank squad in World War II who will do anything to protect the men under his command.

Also from director David Ayer: End of Watch, Training Day

Dracula Untold: Go back to the origins of the world’s most famous vampire as he earns his bloody reputation and embraces his destiny.

These movies will go bump in the night: Van Helsing, I, Frankenstein

Life After Beth: When a young woman comes back from the dead it’s a miracle, until she slowly gives in to her zombie tendencies. But is that an obstacle to for her boyfriend?

Enjoy these unusual zombie movies: Warm Bodies, Idle Hands

The Skeleton Twins: Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader are estranged twins who are both going through a rough patch but who come back to support each other.

Get more stories of dysfunctional siblings here: The Savages, Margot at the Wedding

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: We see a couple, played by Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, fall in love but then fall apart.

Romance sometimes fails, as these movies show: Blue Valentine, Little Children

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If you’re looking for some entertainment this holiday weekend, look no further because we have an explosive lineup of new releases. Embark on a jungle adventure in Rio 2, explore virtual identity in Transcendence and more. See our full new release recap below.

Transcendence (plus Bonus Features): If you had the choice to live forever, would you? This sci-fi thriller explores what happens when dreaming of the future leads to power that’s impossible to control.


Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) creates a sentiment machine with his full range of emotions and memories. His controversial experiments become the target of anti-technology extremists who will stop at nothing to prevent him from continuing with his research. In their attempts to destroy his creation, they inadvertently lead to his transcendence.

Rio 2: The whole flock is back, plus a gaggle of new characters, including Bruno Mars and Kristen Chenoweth, in this musical action-adventure film.


Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), Jewel (Anne Hathaway) and their three kids embark on a colorful – and musical – journey as they’re forced from their home in Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon.

Dom Hemingway: Jude Law lets it all hang out in this comedy-drama about one man in search of redemption.


The notorious safe-cracker Dom Hemmingway (Jude Law) is back on the streets after spending 12 years in prison. Dom sets off with his partner in crime Dickie (Richard E. Grant) in search of a long-awaited payday for keeping his mouth shut.

Teen Wolf | Season 4: The supernatural drama returns to the small screen for a fourth season, bringing back the all-star cast and adding several new faces.


After the devastating losses in season three, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira are back for a new school semester, with even more nail-biting worries. Expect more dance parties, were-creatures of all shapes and sizes, killer cliffhangers and, of course, teenage angst.

X-Men: The Last Stand: The non-stop action and spectacular effects of the X-Men franchise continue in this epic, mutant action-adventure film. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, this film is our 99-cent rental of the week!


The mutants are faced with a life-changing dilemma: a controversial cure is discovered, allowing them the ability to give up their powers to become a mere mortal. Meanwhile, the usually peaceful mutant leader Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) goes head-to-head with his enemy, Magneto (Ian McKellen), forcing the mutants to engage in a battle to end all battles.

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Past FIFA World Cup Glories

The World Cup has provided a rich history of vibrant music: some official, some unofficial. We’ve picked a selection of big songs which have been swept into the exhilaration of the World Cup.

One FIFA World Cup

This year’s World Cup anthems come from all corners of the globe. Here’s a selection of our favorites.

Rio Beach Party

Maybe you can’t make it to Rio but you can still enjoy the sounds on this collection of some of Brazil’s biggest stars.

Dance & Electronic New Releases

This just in! A new track from Jamie xx (featuring plenty of steel drums). Also check out the huge new track from dubstep fave Bassnectar, while equally massive tracks come in from Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Nero. Innovators like Martyn and the revered Plastikman serve up some mind-melting material while Tove Lo (featuring the ubiquitous Chainsmokers’ remix) and Duck Sauce go for the high-energy dance party vibe.

Indie New Releases

We are easing into summer with some amazing tracks from the realm of Indie Rock including new stand-out singles from Spoon and The New Pornographers. If you like razor-edged and rough guitar pop, check out White Lung or Gold-Bears. Plenty of other tracks to explore including the return of Alt-J and Ok Go.

inFAMOUS Second Son: Friday Night Gamers

Calling all gamers! It’s Friday and it’s time to prepare for a weekend of action and super powers – Sucker Punch style. This week, we’re bringing you a brand new playlist to accompany inFAMOUS Second Son. Let us help you find the perfect soundtrack as you and Delsin Rowe explore Seattle.

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction smashes its way onto the big screen this week, giving audiences all the action-adventure they can handle as giant, brawling bots go head-to-head. This highly anticipated sequel continues the story from the first three installments while also introducing the fan favorite Dinobots to the franchise.


Transformers 4 isn’t the only film to pit one – or several – machines against another in an attempt to save humanity from destruction, or to just win a bet. Whether they’re fighting, being heroic or falling in love, here are some of our favorite  films starring robots.

  1. Transformers
  2. RoboCop (2014)
  3. Terminator Salvation
  4. The Iron Giant
  5. Pacific Rim
  6. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
  7. Wall-E
  8. The Incredibles
  9. Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon
  10. Real Steel

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It’s an exciting week for new releases on PlayStation Store! Experience the emotional rollercoaster of Valiant Hearts: The Great War or effortlessly switch between robot and vehicle in TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark (PS4, PS3). See the full update below.

Experience an assassination attempt like no other when you pre-order Sniper Elite 3 (PS4). As an added bonus, you’ll receive the Hunt the Grey Wolf mission in your download list. This tactical third-person shooter combines an open and exotic environment with randomized target identities, making each mission unique. The real question is, can you tell the real target from the double?


Pre-order Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (PS3) and receive an exclusive theme for your PS3 plus the Beargguy Mobile Suit and “Who is the Strongest Shade of Red” mission as a bonus. If you’re having one of those days where you need to blast through a thousand robots, then get your hands on this game and start pitting bipedal war machines against each other.


Acting as a follow-up to the upcoming Transformers film and Transformer: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron titles comes TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark (PS4, PS3). Effortlessly switch between robot and vehicle and weave between Earth and Cybertron universes as you hunt for an ancient relic.


Also available on PS4 are R.B.I. Baseball 14 and Blue Estate.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a story of friendship, love and sacrifice. This gorgeously styled game balances the horrors of war with the story of human dignity. As the characters trudge through the trenches, they become inextricably drawn together in an attempt to survive.


In the professional world of motorsport, it’s all about your teammates, the rivalry and the intensity of the race. In GRID Autosport (PS3), you’ll take part in ferocious races as you balance camaraderie and rivalry all while staying in control.  Do you have what it takes to conquer them all?


Also available on the PlayStation Store are Atelier Rorona Plus with Bonus (PS3), XBlaze Code: Embryo (PS3) and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PS Vita).

See the full list of new releases on the PlayStation Store here.

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Fusing hip-hop, funk, soul, electro and whatever else might be close by, Outkast created their own distinct brand of music in the ‘90s and well into the 21st century. Their back catalog is littered with some of the funkiest basslines since Sly & The Family Stone were a Top 10 group. Big Boi and Andre 3000 have again joined forces for a summer tour across a global mix of lucky-festivalgoers. This mix of their greatest hits syncs nicely with the cuts they have been performing live.

Listen to the Outkast: Rewind playlist on Music Unlimited.

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The Judge: Robert Downey Jr. plays a lawyer who returns home when his mother dies and has to confront his estranged father, even as he defends him from a murder charge.

For more legal drama, watch these great movies: The Chamber, A Few Good Men

The Wedding Ringer: Josh Gad needs a best man for his wedding and turns to a freelancer, played by Kevin Hart, who serves as one professionally.

Weddings serve as the backdrop for these comedies too: Wedding Crashers, Bridesmaids


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Are you itching for some excitement this summer? Look no further because the Summer Blast Sale is here! Starting today through July 8, get up to 30 percent off and up to 50 percent off if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, for an amazing lineup of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games. Earn 5X Sony Rewards points on all Summer Game Blast games! Go to for more details.

This week, get your hands on epic titles like Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, Escape Plan, NBA2K14 and more. We’re not stopping there. Next week we’ll be taking it to the next level with even more games.


Learn more about this promotion and see the full lineup of sale items on the PlayStation.Blog.

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riffraff_neoniconListen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • deadmau5 returns with while (1<2), a sprawling EDM double-album that covers everything from space disco to industrial noise.
  • The Bay Area rapper G-Eazy arrives with his debut, These Things Happen, which finds him pondering fame through a thick haze.
  • Riff Raff finally releases his long-anticipated full length debut, Neon Icon, which is just as ridiculous and wonderful as we hoped.

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