New to the PlayStation Store this week are some great top sporting titles with exclusive sales and more this week.

Grab your bike and helmet and capture the yellow jersey and take a ride in Tour de France 2013 – 100th Edition. This PS3 Full Game not only celebrates a century of the French road race but it also enables you to step into the shoes of a pro cyclist.

Back, back back, it’s gone! Swing for the fences and prepare yourself for Major League Baseball’s  upcoming All-Star festivities with MLB The Show Home Run Derby. Featuring the same amazing visuals and game-play that you’ve gotten use to with MLB The Show franchise, this game allows you to knock the ball out of the part against over 30 of the top hitters.


Are you searching for a great deals? Check out our Summer Blast 2013 sale and save up to 60% off of epic titles, including Call Of Duty Black Ops II(PS3), The Amazing Spider-Man (PS3), Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3) and much more! As a bonus we’re offering PlayStation Plus members up to 80% off.


Find the full list of games and deals in this week’s update here.

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MU4thHappy 4th of July! Today, the United States celebrates freedom and everything that makes each state a unique part of the patchwork, including the people who live there. Artists from the United States have a history of setting trends not only for the country, but worldwide, hailing from big cities and small towns, continental & off the coasts. For today’s #ThrowbackThursday, we handpick some of the region’s most recognizable artists from the west coast to the east coast and in between!

Pearl Jam (Seattle)
Album: Ten (1991)
Song: “Alive”


Jimmy Eat World (Arizona)
Album: Bleed American (2001)
Song: “Sweetness”
West Coast
Dr. Dre (California)
Album: 2001 (1999)
Song: “The Next Episode”
John Mellencamp (Indiana)
Album: Scarecrow (1985)
Song: “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.”
Aerosmith (Massachusetts)
Album: Toys in the Attack (1975)
Song: “Sweet Emotion”
East Coast
The Strokes (New York)
Album: Is This It (2001)
Song: “Last Nite”
Album: ATLiens (1996)
Song: “ATLiens”
Album: I Am . . . Sasha Fierce (2008) 
Song: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
Jack Johnson
Album: In Between Dreams (2005)
Song: “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”
Portugal. the Man
Album: Evil Friends (2013)
Song: “Evil Friends”

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We’re continuing our test of a better, faster video streaming technology, and we need your help again. This new technology will greatly enhance your viewing experience by providing you a more adaptive, faster stream whenever you rent a movie from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3. After making a few tweaks, we’re testing it again with a few new release titles. For a limited time, rent any of the movies below in HD or SD for only $1.99 each. After viewing, we’ll email you a survey asking you about your renting and viewing experience.

taken2 wambodies slienthill
bankok dragon hypothermia

Note: Silent Hill: Revelation available in US only. Hypothermia available in Canada-English only.

Here’s how to cash in on the deal and help us out along the way:

  • Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PS3.
  • Scroll down to “Movies” and then to the “What’s Hot” section where you will immediately find our beta test in the first section.
  • Rent one of the five movies for only $1.99 in HD or SD.
  • Fill out the brief survey that will be emailed to you after you purchase and watch the movie.

Tell your friends to try it out too, and keep up-to-date by joining us on Twitter and Facebook.

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MU_BestOf2013SoFar_US_FB-WallIt’s hard to believe, but with the start of summer comes the halfway point of the year as we round the corner on 2013. Every year we collect our “Best Of” tracks around the holiday season, comprised of our staff picks and top-played tracks, but this year we are adding something little different. We’ve decided to do our first annual “mid-year review” in the new Best of 2013 . . . So Far Channel, now available on the Music Unlimited service. The channel gathers songs from January until now, including some of the most talked about (Kanye West, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Black Sabbath), on the rise (Lorde, French Montana, Jake Bugg, A$AP Rocky) and new singles from the most highly anticipated to come later this year (Drake, Robin Thicke, Matt Nathanson, Sara Bareilles.)

We will be talking all month about those who made the cut to help you catch up or re-visit some of these tracks. To kick it off, we’ve listed our Music Unlimited Staff Picks below, featuring a wide variety of artists you love and some you can discover when you listen to the channel. Enjoy!

Jeff Safran, Marketing Manager

A$AP Rocky – “LVL”
Tyler the Creator – “Domo23”
Drake – “Started from the Bottom”
Foals – “Bad Habit”
Foxygen  - “San Francisco”
A$AP Ferg  - “Work (Remix)”
Jake Bugg – “Two Fingers”
Rhye – “The Fall”
Wild Belle – “Keep You”
Palma Violets – “Best of Friends”
Volbeat  - “The Hangman’s Body Count”
Phoenix  - “Trying to be Cool”
Jessie Ware  - “Wildest Moments”
Disclosure –  “White Noise”
Robert Delong – “Global Concepts”
Caitlin Rose  - “Everywhere I Go”
Kacey Musgraves – “Merry Go Round”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sacrilege”
Mikal Cronin – “Shout it Out”
Surfer Blood – “Demon Dance”

Ashley Harris, Marketing Specialist

Jimmy Eat World – “Damage”
The 1975 – “Chocolate”
Matt Pond – “Love Get Used To”
Christopher Owens – “Part of Me”
The Lone Bellow – “Bleeding Out”
Local Natives – “Breakers”
Wake Owl – “Gold”
Night Beds – “Ramona”
The Summer Set – “Maybe Tonight”
Ed Harcourt – “Back Into the Woods”
Stornaway – “Knock Me on the Head”
Ivan & Alyosha – “Running For Cover”
A Rocket to the Moon – “You’re My Song”
The Mowglis – “San Francisco”
Frightened Rabbit & Manchester Orchestra – “Architect”
Villagers – “Nothing Arrived”
Air Review – “Young”
Frank Turner – “Recovery”
Matt Nathanson – “Mission Bells”
Hey Marseilles – “Heart Beats”

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The Escape Plan: Stallone and Schwarzenegger reunite as inmates in a maximum security prison…but will they escape?

These two action heavyweights also paired up in: The Expendables, The Expendables 2

Thanks For Sharing: Mark Ruffalo plays a sex addict struggling to balance his addiction and his new relationship with a woman played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Watch more from these two stars on the Video Unlimited service: The Kids Are Alright, The Royal Tenenbaums

Hell Baby: From the creators of Reno 911! comes a campy movie about a pregnant couple and their move into a haunted house.

More comedy from these funny guys: Night at the Museum, Reno 911! Miami

Ride Along: Ice Cube plays a cop who disapproves of the guy (played by comedian Kevin Hart) who wants to marry his sister.

More Ice Cube: Friday, 21 Jump Street

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NewReleases72Check out what’s new on the Music Unlimited service this week! Read the highlights and browse new albums & singles below.


  • The first full, original album from EDM golden boy Pretty Lights, including a song ft. Talib Kweli & live studio session tracks.
  • Relient K’s lucky 7th album, a sharp pop turn for the traditionally punk rock band.
  • The Way Way Back Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring tracks from Ben Kweller, Wild Belle, INXS & more
  • Exciting new singles from Robin Thicke (ft. Kendrick Lamar), AVICII, Jennifer Lopez, Meek Mill, Franz Ferdinand, Moby & more, leading up to their new albums.

New Albums Available This Week [7/2/13]:

Pretty Lights - A Color Map of The Sun
Hawthorne Heights - Zero
Relient KCollapsible Lung
Never Shout NeverSunflower
Hillsong LiveGlorious Ruins
OwenL’Ami du Peuple
Various ArtistsThe Way Way Back (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various ArtistsEqual Vision Records 2013 Summer Sampler
Fidel RuedaLo Mejor De
Belinda - Catarsis

New Singles Available This Week [7/2/13]:

Robin Thicke - Give it 2 U (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
Meek Mill Levels
Jennifer Lopez - Live it Up
Toby KeithDrinks After Work
Franz FerdinandRight Action
MobyA Case For Shame
Far East MovementThe Illest (Feat. Riff Raff)
Felix CartalYoung Love (feat. Koko LaRoo)

Coming Up Next Week [7/9/13]:

Skylar GreyDon’t Look Down
The Used – The Ocean Of The Sky
Norma Jean - Wrongdoers
Preservation Hall Jazz Band – That’s It!
Whitesnake – Made in Britain / World Record (Live)
Kate Nash – OMYGOD! EP
The Mother Hips - Behind Beyond
Thriftstore Masterpiece – Trouble Is A Lonesome Town
The Bullitts – They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories

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A full run-down of New Release Recap is headed your way with exclusive sales, scary tales and legendary fables. Check out what films and sales are launching on the Video Unlimited service this week.

A secluded cabin. An ancient curse. An unrelenting evil. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell reunite to present the genuinely terrifying Evil Dead. Unable to resist temptation, five young friends find the mysterious and fiercely powerful Book of the Dead and release its violent demon on a blood-thirsty quest to possess them all. Who will be left to fight for their survival and defeat this unearthly force of murderous carnage? Find out the chilling conclusion of this shocking story by purchasing Evil Dead now available before DVD and Blu-ray.



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Jason Statham’s newest film, Redemption, takes a softer look at the action actor who stars as an ex-Special Forces soldier returning home from the Afghan war as a shattered man. Statham admits that he took the role because he was “enticed by something that has a lot more meat on the bone” and enjoyed the “great moments” and “tension and drama” that Redemption brings as “a real story about real people.” He also expressed his affinity for the struggles that troops face when returning back from war and hoped that this film sheds light on the many struggles our veterans often encounter when readjusting to civilian life. Articulating his fondness for war veterans, Jason also noted that “a lot of the chaps I’ve met [in the armed forces] are the real heroes…I have big respect for those young chaps that get involved with fighting for their country.”

But don’t think Redemption is a film devoid of the high-octane action that movie goers have grown accustomed to when Statham’s the lead. In classic Statham fashion, his docile character quickly finds himself sinking deeper into a dark world of violence when he becomes employed as a collector for a local mob boss. Bent on revenge, broke, homeless and lost in a haze of drugs and booze, Statham’s character attempts to piece his life back together. But will he?

Preview Statham’s latest film and more in our exclusive interview with Jason below:

Are you a Statham supporter? Have a Statham movie marathon this weekend by watching our Top 10 Jason Statham films:

  1. Redemption
  2. The Transporter
  3. The Expendables (2010)
  4. Crank
  5. The Italian Job
  6. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  7. Snatch
  8. Safe
  9. The Bank Job
  10. Parker

Read the full transcript of our interview with Mr. Statham:

Sony Entertainment Network: Redemption is more emotional than many of your past films. Did that appeal to you when you read the script?

Jason Statham: Listen, it’s very difficult to not be sort of enticed by something that has a lot more meat on the bone. A lot of the action films that get sent to me or in this direction are always a little bit thin. It’s all about getting to the action here, there’s the shootout, there’s the car chase and the stuff that connects all that is kind of worthless in some ways. So this is a real story this is a story about real people. And amongst that, there is a lot of emotional detail within that. There’s a backstory. [My character has] an estranged daughter. He wants to make good for her. He’s got a lot of reasons to try and exact some justice for someone very close to him that got killed. He’s trying to beat off the demons that are troubling him from [his] posttraumatic stress that he’s suffered from the war. I mean it’s a very complicated character. So obviously it’s going to be a lot more testing for me. Everyone likes to be pushed a little bit no matter what job they do so anything to get pushed in a good way is obviously more rewarding if it pays off.

SEN: The film is about a vet struggling to make a life for himself after he returns from war. Did joining the services ever appeal to you?

JS: Well look…it’s a really odd thing. You never know what path you are going to choose. I never knew that I was going to be an actor. If I’d have met somebody who said the right thing I could’ve been in the forces. You don’t know what life is going to throw at you. I have a lot of respect for the armed forces. A lot of the chaps that I’ve met are the real heroes. We are the pretend heroes. I have a big respect for those young chaps that get involved with fighting for their country. I don’t see that I wouldn’t have been eligible at some point if I would have taken a different route, if I would have taken a left instead of a right. Sure, I could have seen myself doing that.

SEN: Why will this film resonate with people watching outside of the theater?

JS: Because it’s a real story. It’s about real people. And the whole seed of this relationship with an ex-special forces soldier with a Catholic nun and how they share a very dark secret. It’s just something quite romantic. This movie spells out a lot of things. There’s a lot of great moments in it. It gives you hope. There’s a lot of sadness. There’s a lot of tension and drama. I think it provokes emotions within people. I think people have experienced a lot themselves. I think that strikes chords with many emotions in all walks of life.

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OTRJuneFBEach month, we are bringing you the best of what’s next with our On the Rise Premium Channel, which was recently updated with new and exciting artists for June!  In May, we introduced you to the likes of Jake Bugg, Youngblood Hawke, Ivan & Alyosha, Daughter and more and now we have another new class of musicians who have been pounding the pavement with much-buzzed about songs and live performances.

Below are some highlights, including Moroccan prodigy French Montana, The Voice Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope, Bieber competitor Austin Mahone and more. Listen to the channel now on the Music Unlimited service!

1. French Montana
If You Like: Ja Rule, Nas, DMX

2. Disclosure
If You Like: Major Lazer, Rhye, James Blake

3. The 1975
If You Like: Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Young the Giant

4. Lorde
If You Like: Oh Land, Santigold, Icona Pop

5. Quadron
If You Like: Janelle Monae, Solange, Robyn

6. Austin Mahone
If You Like: Justin Bieber, Conor Maynard, Cody Simpson

7. Surfer Blood
If You Like: Best Coast, Wavves, Local Natives

8. Cassadee Pope
If You Like: Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Lady Antebellum

9. Smallpools
If You Like: Grouplove, Youngblood Hawke, Walk the Moon

10. Ugly Heroes
If You Like: Bad Meets Evil, Lil Wayne, Eminem

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MiguelOn Sunday, The 2013 BET Awards will be airing from Downtown Los Angeles, the climax of a weekend of events around the city with some of the biggest stars in the music industry. Nominees will be head to head in categories like “Best Collaboration,” “Best Group,” “Best New Artist” and “Video of the Year,” as well as awards in movies and sports.

Many of the performances on Sunday feature a wide range artists that have topped the Music Unlimited charts for months on end, including legends like R. Kelly and newcomers like Kendrick Lamar in one of the best representations of the current state of music. To kick off the weekend, we’ve rounded up essential albums and tracks from our Top 10 most anticipated performances, including Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Charlie Wilson, the “re-incarnated” Snoop Lion and more. Take a listen and get ready for the big show on Sunday at 8:00PM PDT on BET.

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