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From executive producer J.J. Abrams comes “Alcatraz,” the mysterious story of former prisoners from the iconic jail suddenly appearing in modern day. The new show fills two slots on this week’s list of the top U.S. purchased TV shows in the Video Unlimited service this week. Also showing up are episodes from regular favorites like “The Walking Dead,” “Family Guy” and others. Check out the full list below.

  1. Alcatraz | Season 1 – Pilot / Ernest Cobb
  2. Archer | Season 3 – The Man From Jupiter
  3. Family Guy | Season 10  – The Blind Side
  4. The Vampire Diaries | Season 3 – The Ties That Bind
  5. Jersey Shore | Season 5
  6. Justified | Season 3 – The Gunfighter
  7. The Walking Dead | Season 2 – Pretty Much Dead Already
  8. The Big Bang Theory | Season 5 – The Recombination Hypothesis
  9. Fringe | Season 4 – Enemy of My Enemy
  10. Alcatraz | Season 1 – Kit Nelson

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The next film in a great horror franchise hits New Releases with Paranormal Activity 3. This installment takes place 18 years before the previous two movies and sets up the story that’s to come. Find out just how long this suburban house has been haunted from the beyond. Check out this film in either SD or crystal clear 1080p HD today.

Find great rock ‘em sock ‘em action with Real Steel now available in Movies. Hugh Jackman, noted for his turn as Wolverine on the big screen, leads the cast in this futuristic tale where robot boxers are the height of sport. Inspired by his son, he fixes up an outdate robot to tackle championship bouts.

Season 3 of “Archer” continues with great new episode in TV Shows. The world’s greatest animated spy must face new foes and still tackle his mother issues. In the first new episode, Burt Reynolds voices a new suitor for Mallory, Archer’s mom.

Also, the Syfy hit “Being Human” is back with its second season. The mother of all vampires enters the lives of a werewolf, ghost and vampire desperate live normal lives. This season, expect to find more blood-sucking action with even more werewolves!

Own $5 Films is full of great Drama films this week like Reservoir Dogs, Lord of War and Glengarry Glen Ross, all available to own in SD for just five bucks!

Find all this and more this week…

New Release Movies

US Store: Paranormal Activity 3, Real Steel, 50/50, Restless, Bad Girl Island, Happy Happy, Damn Yankee Day, Tales of an Ancient Empire, The Whistleblower, Punished, Hell and Back Again, Limelight, Revenge of the Electric Card, The Woman, Today’s Special, and many more.

Canada Store: Paranormal Activity 3, Real Steel, 50/50, Restless, Tales of an Ancient Empire, Bad Girl Island, Damn Yankee Day, Legend of the Sea, The Whistleblower, Today’s Special, and many more.

Just In TV

US Store: Archer: Season 3, Being Human: Season 2, Southland: Season 4, An Idiot Abroad: Season 2, Meet the Browns: Season 4, and many more.

Canada Store: Thrillbillies: Season 4, Art Mann Presents: Season 8, Crusade in Europe: Season 1, Crusade in the Pacific: Season 1, King of the Hill: Season 13, and many more.

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