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We’ve updated the Music Unlimited iOS app for iPhone and iPod touch today with a substantial design makeover and improved performance.

Music Unlimited iOS version 2.0 delivers a new, beautiful user interface that looks like the latest PlayStation®4 and Xperia® Walkman applications and improves your ability to view artist discography, top songs, related artists, and more.

You can now sort your library by newly added songs and recently modified playlists, and edit song order in your playlists.

Listening to your feedback, we’ve also dramatically improved song loading and queue view and increased the app’s stability.

Download the app from the Apple App Storesm and let us know what you think. Make sure to keep an eye open for future Music Unlimited updates!

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The latest Music Unlimited app updates available for PS4 and iOS now bring some great new features we’re sure you’ll love.

With the update Music Unlimited on PS4 now provides curated playlists, opening up a whole new way to discover great music, with hand-picked recommendations from artists, Music Unlimited’s editorial staff and other industry insiders.

The Playlists tab for PS4 offers great playlists that span everything from era and genre (like Old School Love Jams, Synth Pop and Motown Holiday Gems) to playlists picked by your favorite artists, to roundups of bands headlining major music festivals. New playlists post regularly so there’s always something fresh to check out.

Another big Music Unlimited update brings High Quality Audio support downloads on iPhone and iPod touch devices. Now when you download playlists, full albums or single tracks you’ll have the option to download in 320 kbps AAC. You’ll be able to play back your music in superb, audiophile quality — even when you’re not connected to a network.

Look for other great updates to the service coming soon!

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You wanted it and now it’s officially live — offline playback and high quality audio streaming app are now available for everyone who listens to the Music Unlimited service on iPhone or iPod touch!

Similar to the Music Unlimited Android app, iOS users can now download individual albums and tracks, as well as any playlists they have created to their device and enjoy music even when a cellular or Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, or when they want to conserve battery life or curb data usage.  This version 1.3 1 app update will offer the ability to listen to your music in crystal clear 320kbps AAC high fidelity audio while streaming.

Check out the demo video for further details:

Now, you can start downloading the Music Unlimited App for free at the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or visit

Listening to music offline is simple:

  1. Select a playlist, song or album that you’d like to download.
  2. Tap the “Options” button on the right of the album, track or playlist you’d like to download
  3. Select “Download Album” from the pop up menu.
  4. Once you select the music for download, hit the all new “Menu” button on the top left of the app and you’ll see the “My Downloads” queue to check the progress of your downloading tracks.
  5. Once the tracks are finished downloading, set the “Offline Mode” switch to “ON” and you’ll immediately see the list of artists, albums, songs and playlists that are available for offline listening.

Follow these easy steps to activate HQ Audio*:

  1. Select the “Menu” button, and then select the “Settings” option.
  2. Select “ON” where you see “High Quality Audio HQ Streaming”.
  3. Once HQ Audio is activated, you’ll see an “HQ” badge next to the right of the track information when you play a song.

Share a comment with us on what you think about the great new features below!

*Please note that High Quality Streaming is not available for offline playback mode.

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Update: We’re aware that images on the Music Unlimited service are taking longer to load than expected. We’re working on it and will update this post when it is fully resolved. Thanks for your patience!

Update 2: The issue has been resolved and things should be working normally! Let us know in the comments below if you’re still experiencing problems.

Earlier this week, we announced the pending launch of the Music Unlimited service app for iOS. Well the day is finally here and you can download it from the App Store (search for “Music Unlimited”) today!

The Music Unlimited service app has already garnered a great amount of coverage in the press. Read on for some key highlights of what reporters are saying:



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You love the Music Unlimited service because you can access your music across multiple devices – from listening at home on your PS3, at work via the PC app, traveling with PS Vita or your Android tablet. But you’re an iPhone user and you want that all-access pass without bringing along another device.

Well, get ready: the Music Unlimited service app for iPhone and iPod touch is set for release to the Apple App Store this coming Friday, May 25, 2012!

The free app will let you access the Music Unlimited service’s cloud library of millions of songs and browse new releases, get recommendations, view top songs and more. Users of the Music Unlimited service will be able to access their entire library as well as playlists and Basic and Premium channels. You’ll find helpful recommendations throughout the app, both on the Home screen and in an artist’s Discography, which displays “More Like This” suggestions.

Installing the app is easy:

  • On Friday, launch the Apple App Store then type “Music Unlimited” in the search box.
  • Tap the “Install” button and provide your iTunes account password when prompted.
  • You’ll find the “MUnlimited” icon on your device’s home screen, and will see a progress bar as it loads and installs.

*Note: If you’re not a current subscriber to the Music Unlimited service you will need to sign up for an account online here or on your PlayStation before you’re able to access music through this new app.

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As if expansion into more countries weren’t enough. As if the total number of songs available rising to 15 million wasn’t enough. Now we’re happy to announce the Music Unlimited service is coming to iOS devices soon.

The upcoming app will allow you to bring the Music Unlimited service along with you on your iPhone or iPod. When combined with all the Sony connected devices you can already access the Music Unlimited service on that’s an incredible number of ways subscribers can listen to high quality music wherever they are.

Look for the Music Unlimited iOS app to be available this quarter.

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