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House (5/21): The last episode is entitled “Everybody Dies.” How will this series end exactly? Over the course of eight seasons the creators of House have taken the title character to the psychiatric ward, to prison, and had him face one mysterious disease after another. Now, we can only speculate on just what sort of cards the writers will play as we bid farewell to the cranky Dr. House and the magnificent Hugh Laurie, who played him with as much heart as he did attitude.

Glee (5/22): Gleeks, are you ready for the Season 3 Finale? Breakout the tassels, gowns and boxes of tissue; it’s time for our favorite high school seniors to take the final walk across the stage as they say goodbye to McKinley High. As one chapter of their lives closes the glee club kids will look back at the fun times from this season while contemplating their futures. The bigger question in the minds of fans – what will next season bring? Will our favorite characters be passing the torch to underclassmen or will we be following the cast to college like Saved By The Bell?

Modern Family (5/23): There’s a baby coming! Mitchell and Cameron’s hope to adopt another child comes true thanks to Gloria’s bilingualism. Also, look for Alex to attend her first prom and an announcement from Haley that will cause a handful of gasps from her family in the season finale.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (5/23): The first season closes out with June doing her best to keep up with Chloe’s “party until you drop” antics. MeanwhileJames loses it when he discovers Dean Cain has a bigger and better dressing room on Dancing With the Stars. Will he get the same royal treatment or will a dance-off have to settle this? Find out by tuning in this Wednesday.

Revenge (5/23): Get ready for fireworks in the season finale of Revenge when the Grayson’s explode with family drama and Emily puts the final touches on her plan.

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You probably know today is Mother’s Day. If you don’t, we would advise that you get out and do something about it right away.

To honor mothers everywhere, we’ve put together a list of our favorite movies and TV shows about mothers and the families that love them:

Modern Family: This hilarious TV show comes at the notion of family ties from a number of angles. Within this strong, award-winning ensemble cast are two standout moms: Julie Bowen’s Claire, who is trying to help her kids navigate the teenage years,and Sofia Vergara’s Gloria, who keeps her husband Jay (Ed O’Neill) young at heart.

Mother: Long before he was getting critical raves as a tough mob boss in Drive, Albert Brooks built a storied career writing, directing and portraying legendary neurotic characters, and often performing all three of those roles for the same movie. Mother, featuring the great Debbie Reynolds as Brooks’ mother, is the story of Brooks’ John Henderson as he moves back to live with his mother after a series of personal problems to work past his issues. The results are funny and heartwarming.


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