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Park City, Utah is about to get crowded as the film world descends for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. While Sony Entertainment Network won’t be there on the ground, there are a number of movies we’re looking forward to.

A.C.O.D.: The always-great Adam Scott plays a man who finds that, as a child, he was part of a study on divorce.

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’: Casey Affleck is a man on the run from the law who just wants to get back to his wife, played by Rooney Mara.

Austenland: Keri Russell is one of a group of women who are obsessed with the world of Jane Austen, to the point of taking a vacation that promises the complete Austen experience.

Don Jon’s Addiction: Joseph Gordon-Levitt caps off a great couple of years with this directorial debut about a porn-addicted ladies man.

The Way, Way Back: The Oscar-winning writing team of Jim Rash and Nat Faxon (they won for The Descendants) are back with a cast including Sam Rockwell, Steve Carell and others.

Before Midnight: The third movie from director Richard Linklater and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as would-be lovers who have never met in the right place at the right time.

jOBS: We’re intrigued by the idea of Ashton Kutcher playing Apple guru Steve Jobs and will watch the reactions that come out of this movie’s screenings closely.

Lovelace: Famed porn actress Linda Lovelace is brought to life by Amanda Seyfried in this biopic.

Upstream Color: No idea what this one is really about, but the first couple of trailers have us interested to see what director Shane Carruth has in store.

Touchy Feely: Being big fans of director Lynn Shelton (Your Sister’s Sister, Humpday) we’re excited for this new one, starring Rosemarie DeWitt and Ellen Page.

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What do movies like Little Miss Sunshine, Super Troopers, The Blair Witch Project and Man on Wire have in common? They all premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie world – from stars to upstart filmmakers to studio executives to press – are about to once again descend on Park City, Utah for a week of premieres and screenings designed to show off the best of the independent film world.

To celebrate, the Video Unlimited service has put together a Sundance Collection, a one-stop shop for you to catch up on movies that have debuted in past years at Sundance. You’ll find comedies (both hilarious and dark), dramas, documentaries and more. Just navigate in the Video Store to Movies > Collections > Sundance Collection and get caught up on some great movies. Here’s what you’ll find there:

I Am Not A Hipster
the Atomic States of America
Super Troopers
The Blair Witch Project
Napoleon Dynamite
Reservoir Dogs
We’re Not Broke
Pursuit of Lonliness
The Slaughter Rule
Stingray Sam
The American Astronaut
Wave Twisters
High School Record
The Cove
Little Miss Sunshine
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Boys Don’t Cry
Man on Wire
Donnie Darko
An Inconvenient Truth
Half Nelson
Wet Hot American Summer
Better Luck Tomorrow
Welcome to the Dollhouse
The Full Monty
American Movie
You Can Count on Me
Roger & Me
Central Station
In the Company of Men
American Splendor
The Station Agent
Living in Oblivion

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Kicking off today, Sundance London marks the first time the long-running film festival has expanded to the United Kingdom and Sony Entertainment Network is going along for the ride. We’re proud to be among the sponsoring partners for this international expansion of one of the premiere independent film festivals, helping to bring a stellar batch of movies to audiences in London.

The festival runs today through Sunday April 29th and you can read more about the movies that will be screened – and the great bands that will be appearing during the festival – on the official site.


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Sony Entertainment Network was out in Park City, Utah recently for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. While there we were able to chat with lots of celebrities ranging from Common to Brandon Lloyd, Peter Jackson to Will Forte and a host of others about what brought them to Sundance this year. Happy to share our Sundance experience with you all – enjoy!

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