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After a couple months off where we were forced to wonder what was next for Rick, Merle, The Governor and the rest of our favorite characters from The Walking Dead, they returned in a big way last night in “The Suicide King.” If you missed it, we’ve got last night’s commercial-free episode ready for you to download or stream.

The three things you’ll want to know if you haven’t yet seen the episode (the below guaranteed spoiler-free):

1. All is still not well in briefly bucolic Woodbury. We pick up right where we left off in the Daryl-and-Merle mortal (k)combat cliffhanger from the last episode, and the fireworks go off from there.

2. Rick’s mental instability and his major trust issues continue to complicate the pack’s decisions on next steps.

3. Being brought to within inches of one’s life, and watching powerlessly as the girl you love is tortured tends to change a man. Just ask the pulpy, caved-in zombie skull under Glenn’s boot.

If you’re looking for even more The Walking Dead and want to go behind the scenes of this current season, the Video Unlimited service has a number of free extras you can download today:

In addition, you’ll find lots of other things to enjoy, including a Walking Dead XMB™ theme and games to play that pit you against the zombie horde.

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Wow, can you believe the katana-wielding zombie hunter did that?

Okay, we won’t spoil it for you, but Sunday night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead has gotten everyone talking! Hurry before you stumble upon any spoilers by joining Rick, T-Dog and the rest of the known survivors of the zombie apocalypse for new survival and combat strategies, zombie slayings and their venture into a possible new home base.

If you haven’t seen this highly anticipated premiere yet, we have a great solution for you: The Video Unlimited service. We have Sunday night’s episode available for your commercial-free enjoyment so you won’t miss a single decapitation. On your PlayStation®3 device, just scroll to the PlayStation®Network icon on the XMB™ and select PlayStation®Store. Then, enter the video store from the ‘Video’ icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. You’ll find The Walking Dead on the front page of the Video Store.

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Looking forward to the third season of The Walking Dead? The zombies keep coming in the new season, which sees Rick Grimes and his band of survivors trying to stay not eaten. This season brings in new characters like The Governor, who rules over his settlement of survivors with fear and intimidation.

You can get ready for the start of season three on the Video Unlimited service today with lots of free videos, including (through 10/16) the show’s pilot that introduced us to the world of the undead. In addition to that, you’ll find these featurettes in the Video Store under TV >> Free TV:

  • Inside the Walking Dead: Season 3 Zombie Studio Tour with Greg Nicotero
  • Inside the Walking Dead: Visual Effects
  • Inside the Walking Dead: Cast on Season 3
  • Inside the Walking Dead: Cast on the Set of Season 3

Watch all these now and look for the premiere of season three to hit the Video Unlimited service on 10/15, just one day after it airs. And don’t forget to tell us what you’re most excited to see in this new season in the comments below.

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From executive producer J.J. Abrams comes “Alcatraz,” the mysterious story of former prisoners from the iconic jail suddenly appearing in modern day. The new show fills two slots on this week’s list of the top U.S. purchased TV shows in the Video Unlimited service this week. Also showing up are episodes from regular favorites like “The Walking Dead,” “Family Guy” and others. Check out the full list below.

  1. Alcatraz | Season 1 – Pilot / Ernest Cobb
  2. Archer | Season 3 – The Man From Jupiter
  3. Family Guy | Season 10  – The Blind Side
  4. The Vampire Diaries | Season 3 – The Ties That Bind
  5. Jersey Shore | Season 5
  6. Justified | Season 3 – The Gunfighter
  7. The Walking Dead | Season 2 – Pretty Much Dead Already
  8. The Big Bang Theory | Season 5 – The Recombination Hypothesis
  9. Fringe | Season 4 – Enemy of My Enemy
  10. Alcatraz | Season 1 – Kit Nelson

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